How long is it medically safe...

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How long is it medically safe...
Tue, 04-15-2003 - 4:46pm

I hope somebody can help me. What I'm wondering is, how long is it safe to wait for a natural mc to happen on its own?

I was told I had a missed mc last Tuesday, on 04/08/03. Apparently the growth stopped at 6wks 3 days, although technically I was at almost 11 weeks. My OBGyn said its okay to wait for 2 weeks before we decide if a D&C is necessary. I had previously also had a missed mc(9/29/02) where the growth had also stopped at 6wks 5 days, but we only discovered this from an u/s at 12 weeks. Even at this time, probably seeing my hesitation about a D&C my doctor said I could wait for 2 weeks to let it happen naturally. Anyway I started mc'ing 2 days after the u/s and passed everything by day 6. My question now is how long is it medically safe to wait for a mc to happen on its own? I'm terrified about the thought of a D&C, not because I'm squeamish or anything, just that I've heard there's some risk of scarring with a D&C and I'm paranoid it could affect my fertility or ability to bear a child...What should I do?

Very sad and confused.

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Tue, 04-15-2003 - 5:00pm
First off, I am sorry for your loss. I had a Partial M/C on 4/5/03 at 9 weeks and I had to have a D&C done that following monday to be sure that there was nothing left in there to cause an infection. from what I have read and the research I have done, I have found out that if your DR knows what they are doing as far as the procedure of the D&C, there should be NO scaring. I have full faith in my OB that she did a wonderful job. But like I said, I would have had to have had one done anyway. Good luck to you and you are in my thoughts!!!!


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Wed, 04-16-2003 - 2:09pm

Hi Sabrina,

I am sorry that you are having such a hard time. I too had a miscarriage a year ago, but at 6 weeks your baby is small enough to pass on it's own, no need for a D&C.

I had a D&C done because I was 13 weeks pregnant at the time and it's actually not that bad. YOu don't bleed that much after because they take it all out for you. You are alittle sore but it's actually worth it in the long run.

They say after a D&C you are more fertile and more likely to carry to full term.

I am just talking from experience. I miscarried last April, actually I went for my u/s at 13 weeks and discovered the heart stop beating, they scheduled me for a D&C in 2 days, they don't like to leave it incase of infection. But happy news we got pregnant in November and everything is going well this time. It took us 9 months to get pregnant again but at least the baby is healthy and strong.

Hope to hear some good news from you soon

Hugs and best wishes


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Thu, 04-17-2003 - 2:41pm
Sabrina, I'm really just recently lurking on this board, but thought maybe I could help you out alittle. First off, let me tell you how truly sorry I am for your loss. Secondly, I, like you, wanted to m/c on my own. I felt the D&E unnatural & invasive. I read up & it said all the bad things that could happen. But remember, every person is different.

I was 10 wks pg & began spotting last Sat. The bleeding got increasingly heavier as the weekend progressed & by Monday (when I finally called the doc at 9 am) I was passing clots. They brought me in for a u/s & found no baby (they weren't sure if I had already lost the baby & not known it b/c I was expecting a 10 wk baby, not a 7 wk baby, or if there was something SO wrong, it never developed at all). It was such a shock to see NO BABY on the monitor, I think my mind shut down. The doc pushed for a D&E, b/c he thought it was a more "compassionate" way to heal. I refused and opted for a follow up u/s on Thurs. They found nothing had changed during that u/s, my cervix was still closed & the sac was still intact. That night, while watching tv...I felt something that I can only explain as a "glub glub" feeling. I ran to the bathroom. My pants, pad & undies were soaked. I lost so much blood so quickly, that DH panicked & called 911. After the ambulance got us to the ER, they did an emergency D&E under general anesthesia. My sis drove to my house like a maniac to watch my sleeping 10 month old & bless her heart, cleaned up the mess after I was taken away. She said she had to flush the toilet twice & there was blood everywhere.

In hindsight, I wish my DH could have been spared watching me bleed out like that. I nearly went into shock b/c of my BP. I wish I could have avoided the ER trip. I wish I would have listened to my doc that Mon and gone for the D&E. It's been nearly a wk & my bleeding barely requires a pad (which is the norm I think). I lost so much blood, the doc TOLD me to wait 3 months (when on Mon, he said atleast 1 cycle), so I could hold a viable pg next time.

You do what's in your heart, but if it's any help, I am healing now. Not just physically, but mentally. I cried all last week, but now, I know that I am ok & I am preparing to TTC in July. It may be harder to consider if you saw the baby on u/s, but try to remember, this angel being there prevents you from healing. An infection would really mess you up worse than anything a non-emergency D&E could do too.

I didn't want to scare you, and I hope I didn't, but I want you to be prepared for ANYTHING, b/c I was not. I hope my words are of some comfort. I hope that it brings you the peace it brought me.

By the way, if it means anything, my doc also told me that the body can usually m/c on it's own if it starts by 6 wks, but after that, it has a harder time letting everything go.

Hugs to you from SC,

Christy, CJ (6/5/02) & ~i~ (4/03)

~Christy - SAHM to Clara (6/02), Jenna (9/04), Jack (11/06) and Baby Collin (EDD 12/28)