I guess this is where I now belong...

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I guess this is where I now belong...
Mon, 10-29-2012 - 8:59am

Hi, Was a TTC at 40 and now after this week I belong here.  

I lost my baby at almost 9 weeks.  My first ever.  Been married for 10 years and was so excited.  I had an ultrasound and the baby was small, they dated it 2 weeks younger than it should have been.  Heartbeat at 105.

One week later, I started to spot.  At the emergency room.  No heartbeat.  sent me home,  for nature to take its course.  5 days later I lost it all at home.

So sorry to share, but I am so lost now.  How to oversome this all?  

I so wanted this....It's now 2 days after I lost it all.  I so wanted a baby and fear it may not happen again.

Thank you for letting me share....

Nina, mc at 8 weeks, October 29, 2012, mc at 4.5 weeks on January 12,  staying positive and third times's a charm???

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Mon, 10-29-2012 - 8:16pm

I am so sorry for your loss.

I've had 4 of them and it never gets easier. Allow yourself to be mad, sad, numb....whatever. It's all part of the grieving process. Take one day at a time and come here to vent if you need to. We've all walked this path (unfortunately).

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Mon, 10-29-2012 - 10:59am

I am so sorry for your loss.  It is definitey life changing.  Please don't feel sorry for sharing, that is why we are here...to support each other.  I wish there was more I can say, but just keep hope.  Let yourself grieve.  We are here to support and cheer you on whenever you are ready to begin trying again.  Welcome, and I am sorry for your loss.