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joining the club...
Fri, 03-23-2012 - 5:57pm

Hello Ladies,

So I'm new here, and not technically TTC yet, but very soon we will start trying again. We found out we were expecting our first little love on February 15th, we were extremely excited, and talked about how happy we were about the baby, despite it being a little bit of a surprise. We had picked out names very quickly, Mykah for a boy and Ryleigh Sara for a girl, and we were so anixious for our October baby. A few days later I started having odd cramps, with a little bit of brown blood, then, on the night of the 21st, I went to take a bath and notice a little bleeding, not like period blood or brown blood...blood blood. I called my best friend who drove my to the hospital, and after being poked and humilated for 16 EXTREMELY long hours, a blood test confirmed my HCG levels were so low that the doctor said it was the equivilant of a week old pregnancy, when I was actually 6 weeks. A Vaginal ultrasound confirmed that the baby was already gone. I was devestated, especially since I was at the hospital without DH, and had to call him at 5 am to let him know that we had lost the baby. Because I'm B-, The RH factor was there, so I got my shot of Winrho and went along my way.

At first, I decided i didn't want to even attempt for another baby, I just couldn't deal with the fear of losing another child. Of course after 2 weeks I changed my mind, and decided that I'm willing to give it one more shot, but if it happens again, then I'm really done. Technicaly this is my second miscarriage, I was pregnant at 17, and the miscarriage resulted in a D&C. This one hit home so much worse though, I wasn't scared about this pregnancy, I was happy, I had it all figured out, and the baby was welcomed with opened arms.

So after the decision came to TTC again, DH was informed that the doctor found a cyst and wants him to see a Urologist, so no baby dancing or TTC for now. But once he sees the doctor, and the cyst is removed and the pain is gone, we will TTC actively....or perhaps not not try! I haven't had

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Sat, 03-24-2012 - 9:37am

Welcome to the board, Robyn. I'm so sorry you've been thru another m/c, it must have been so hard to go thru that when DH wasn't even there. I really hope you are 3rd

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Sun, 03-25-2012 - 7:10am
Thanks for the welcome! I also hope 3rd time charm kicks in but we'll see. Thankfully I have two fur sons to keep my mind off the sadness that a M/C brings. They keep me pretty busy!
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Tue, 03-27-2012 - 6:34pm

Im so sorry for your loss (((HUGGSSS))) Its never easy!

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