Lost another Angel:(

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Lost another Angel:(
Tue, 09-04-2012 - 11:47pm

I had so much Faith in this little Bean..However today when I went in for a follow up Ultra sound there was no heartbeat:smileysad: My heart is broken, But I am more pissed off then anything!!!! I dont understand why this keeps happening! We have done ALL the testing and still have ZERO answers! I am starting to Lean towards Adoption at this point tell we can afford to do more Treatments! I am not sure I dont want to give up hope I want a baby of my own and I know that it will happen but honestly I DONT get whats going on right now!!!

I know in the long run if I get JUST ONE baby outta all this I will be more then Happy! It just sucks to have to start over AGAIN! It took us a year to get pregnant! GRRR! Anyways I  have a DnC scheduled for tomorrow morning! And I apologize for being away the last few weeks I have been on a very bad Roller coster ride:smileysad:

I will be back on later tomorrow or the next day! Love you ladies


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