My Intro & Story ~ a little long includes my MCs, and live births (but not all the details)

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My Intro & Story ~ a little long includes my MCs, and live births (but not all the details)
Sun, 09-09-2012 - 7:52pm

I feel like I should probably introduce myself and tell a little bit of my story here. I'm Lisa I'll be 29 in 3 days I just got married in August and my DH and are TTC our 3rd child (our 2nd together).

In September of 2006 I gave birth to my son, after a relatively normal pregnancy. I got pregnant again in under 6 weeks and had a missed miscarriage.

In February of 2009 I became pregnant again. I was carrying what I thought was twins, by the end of March I had miscarried one and was in the process of naturally miscarrying the other. I was in so much pain that I went to the ER, they did a 12th U/S and found a 3rd baby in my left Fallopian tube, it was 10 - 12 weeks along. So in actuality I was carrying triplets in a hetrotopic pregnancy (2 in my uterus and 1 in my tube). I am a 1 in a Million.  I had an emergency surgery to remove the entire tube the baby. I was devastated, the DR told me that it might take some time to get pregnant the next time but to wait at least 9 months before trying. 

In December of 2009 my DH and I moved in together, we were engaged and we decided not to wait to try for a baby, after all the doctor had told me it would probably take months of trying because I only have one fallopian tube now. So I started charting and the first O in January of 2010 I became pregnant - In September of 2010 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

When we set our wedding date the last thing I wanted was to be pregnant on our wedding day so we decided to WTTC until after our wedding. I had a hormonal IUD placed in January 2012 and removed May 2012, I had way too many side effects from it. As it turns out if I hadn't had it removed it would have fallen out on it's own. My DH believes I was pregnant when it was removed and that caused me to MC but we have no actual proof of that. We are now on our 2nd cycle TTC and hoping that we will get a baby in the right place and it stays put. 

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I am so sorry for your losses. You have been through so much but you have so much strength and courage. We are here for you. I hope your next BFP will be a your sticky baby
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Hey there!

I am so so sorry that you had to join this group:smileysad: I just wish that we all could be NORMAL pregnant happy ladies that dont worry about every little thing:smileysad: I am also very sorry to hear about your losses:smileysad: I have had 4 losses 3 early 1 late :smileysad: I have no Live children! You have came into a group of GREAT women and I hope that you get your Sticky Egg soon:smileyhappy:



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You have been through a lot. I hope everything works out for you this time, and you don't have to go through anymore pain. We r here for you!