New to the board and scared

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New to the board and scared
Mon, 06-20-2011 - 3:28pm

My name is Shirl and I am 33 yrs old. I have had PCOS since my late 20's and have lost one baby. There are a lot of medical problems with me, including psych stuff and diabetes, which they just had to take me off of metformin and put me on insulin due to liver numbers going up. I'm currently weaning myself off of almost all of my psych meds... they won't let me go off of all of them, and we'll start ttc again as soon as that is done. There is also the possibility of my cervix being very closed off. I'm using Mirena now to help it stay open and to try to make it easier for the first few months. All of this scares me so badly, as does the thought of losing another baby. I guess I'm just looking for a support system as I start this crazy roller coster ride. Thanks for listening :smileyhappy:

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Mon, 06-20-2011 - 11:28pm
And a roller coaster ride it is!! Sorry for your loss, this is a great group of ladies who will offer advice, info and support... Good luck!
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Mon, 06-20-2011 - 8:15pm

Welcome to the board, Shirl. I'm very sorry for your loss.

You've found a great group of women who will support you in your TTC journey. We're from all walks of life, and we each have our own challenges, but we've all experienced the loss of a pregnancy. It's amazing how much it helps to have women who know what it's like to commisserate with.

Please stick around and let us get to know you. We'll be happy to help you in any way we can.


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Mon, 06-20-2011 - 3:54pm

I am sorry for your loss. (((HUGS))) You have found a great group of ladies here that are extremely supportive. We are her to help each other through this roller coaster. So come here to vent and ask any questions you need.