New Here, looking for support, questions, confused....

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New Here, looking for support, questions, confused....
Wed, 11-02-2011 - 9:14am

In July, I found out i was pregnant (about 7 weeks along) I had my MC on August 7,2011. (first pregnancy)

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all of us here know the feeling and have been through what you're going through right now. i got preggo in june and my MC was in july. i'm nearing test date for cycle 3 of trying again. it's excruciating watching everyone else's bellies grow and hearing aaaaaalll those pregnancy announcements! the ladies here are a great support as we go though the ups and downs of this process.
i haven't tried the CBFM, so i can't offer advice on that. personally, i do temping, use OPKs and monitor CM. for me, it helps to take an active role in the process, but i sometimes have difficulty with it because so much (obviously) is just beyond my control. i'd suggest that you do what you're comfortable with to have a good handle of where you're at in your cycle and then try to let go from there. i'm trying to learn the second part myself, but i think it's important .
good luck, and hopefully we'll all get our BFPs and sticky beans very soon!


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I am so sorry or your loss.

I use the CBEFM. I have used it for 3 cycles - and ended up pregnant all three times. One of those times resulted in my DS. The other two ended in m/c. It really helps me get pregnant, so if you think you may be missing your ovulation date, it may help. We tried for 5 months before we got pregnant with m/c #1 using temping and OPKs before I finally broke down and bought the CBEFM. It has been great for me b/c it helped me realize that by the time my OPK turned positive, I had already ovulated. HTH and best wishes!


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Thank you Tan
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DH and I had infertility and worked with a Reproductive Endocrinologist. I know some ladies here used a fertility monitor. Otherwise, you could just OPKs and time you O. Sometimes after a m/c your cycle gets out of whack and when you always used to O, now you're off by a day or two, which could change everything when TTC.
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