New here w/ a few questions....(m)

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New here w/ a few questions....(m)
Mon, 04-07-2003 - 9:12pm
I hope you have room for one more. I have been lurking here for about a week & have gotten much strength from this board. I had a m/c on 3/23, here's my story:

I started spotting at about 4.5 weeks. My dr. said it was normal so I didn't worry too much about it. Well, on Th. (3/20) & Fr. (3/21) it got much worse so I went in to be checked. They did an ultrasound & my dr. came in & told me there was nothing there, no baby. This was at almost 6 wks. (3/21). He told me I must have miscarried early & that I probably would not pass any tissue or have much bleeding. He told me I needed to take a HPT once a week until I got a neg. reading & then we could start TTC again. Well that Sun.3/23 I started bleeding & cramping like a period & I passed a rather large piece of tissue(sorry,gross). After that the bleeding was just like a normal period. So, I assume that was my m/c & for some reason it didn't show up on the ultrasound. Kinda confusing. I took a HPT on 3/27 & it was pos. I took another 6 days later & it was neg. So I assume we are good to go.

Well,last wed. (4/2) almost 2 wks. from m/c I started getting EWCM so, we started BDing. I am almost pos. I O'd yesterday. I alway's get O cramps & I have had a TON of EWCM (more than usual for me) But, today I have still been getting a ton of EWCM after I O'd (or so I think) Is it possible to have this after Ovulation? Has this happened to anyone else? I always thought that after you ovulate everything should kind of dry up. I also had some pink spotting a few days before I ovulated. I know my cycle can be a little crazy right after a m/c but everything seems to be happining right on time.

As I re-read my post I realize I am rambling. Thank you for taking time to read this and thank you for sharing your stories. It makes me feel better to know I am not alone.

Anna, mom 2 DD(3yrs.) and ^i^3/23/03
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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 9:32pm
Welcome Anna! So sorry for your loss. I know that a few women have got preg before their first af soooo I think it is possible. I am not sure about the EWCM thing because I usually dont even get that because my cycles are wacky, but I am sure someone here can help. Good luck! Crystal

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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 9:34pm

I am so sorry for your m/c. Your story sounds very similar to mine! I did the same spottting. Only the dr. did a u/s then and I saw the heartbeat, but 2 weeks later in the 2nd u/s, the heartbeat was gone. I bled for almost 8 weeks though. My first AF came 2 weeks later. The next was 3 weeks later. Then they were every 4 weeks from there.

I am sorry I cannot offer much advice on the cm question. The only thing I know to tell you is that I get my cm wrong a lot. I am always getting things mixed up! I can never tell if it is creamy or ewcm! I know I must be an idiot, because no one else seems to have these problems! I think a woman knows her body though and if you feel like you are o'ing then bd like crazy!!!

Good luck to you! And welcome to the board!