Newbie with a question

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Newbie with a question
Mon, 01-03-2011 - 10:36pm

Hi ladies,

Thought I'd introduce myself as DH and I are officially on the TTCAM train. I miscarried Nov. 10th. (my 2nd pregnancy, 1st miscarriage) I had spotting with my pg and went in at 6 weeks for an U/S. Things looked good--even saw the lovely flicker of a hb... but my progesterone level was really low so I started on supplements and went back in 2 days later and my numbers were lovely and great. I hit the 8 week mark and let myself get excited for a follow-up U/S and there was no hb. Measured at 7w3d - the exact day we told all our family.

I opted to schedule a D&C for a week out hoping that things would happen on their own and they did. I went in for an U/S the aafternoon before my scheduled surgery just to be sure things were "complete" enough to actually cancel it. They said it was but did do an in-office procedure to remove the last "large" clot that was sort of stuck in my cervix.

ANYWAY/.... It was recommended to wait one cycle before trying. I got my period on Dec 16th and we decided to "try" but I just decided when I thought would be the best time and we're hoping for the best. Certainly not that excited or anything though. I have zero expectations of actually conceiving this early. I am new to the whole game of charting, testing for O, tracking, etc.

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Tue, 01-04-2011 - 6:04am

Hmmm, that *is* bizarre. My answer won't help much and I don't think anyone's will be able to as we'd all just be guessing but all I can say is that post m/c it may take a couple of cycles for your body to get back in line with itself and that I'd imagine that it's not terribly uncommon to have some random spotting here and there. Sorry

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Tue, 01-04-2011 - 8:06am

Hi Sus. First of all, I'm very sorry for your loss. It's not an easy process, and it can take a long time to recover emotionally. This is a great place for you, as we all understand this and can give you people to come to for support. Unfortunately, IRL m/c is a taboo subject and those who've never been through it don't realize just how devastating it can be. I'm glad you found this board, as it's full of women who are more than willing to give you the support and understanding you need.

It can take a while for your body to return to normal after a m/c. I think my cycles may finally be straightening themselves out now, and I had my second m/c in September. It can be frustrating when you're TTC, as it's hard to pinpoint when and if you're actually ovulating. I say that if your discomfort and spotting continue you should contact your OB to find out what's going on.

Good luck, and please KUP.

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Tue, 01-04-2011 - 9:54am

Welcome and I'm so sorry for your loss.

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Tue, 01-04-2011 - 11:46am

Welcome to the board. I am so sorry for your loss.

With 2 of my m/c I had what I still assume to be

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Tue, 01-04-2011 - 4:49pm

Hello, Sorry for Your Loss. I miscarried in Sept. our 12 week ultrasound showed 8 week fetus no HB. I opted for the pills to enduce the miscarriage. waited a few days my body started to spot on its own so i used the pills to progress things along. mc sept25. bled for about 5 days then nothing for about 5 days then spotting and this continued till mid oct when i thought i was having a regular period but then again 5 days later spotted and this continues into nov had a period nov 24th and since the spotting has stopped with another normal cycle dec 18th. so for me the spotting was everything working its self out.

Good Luck with TTC

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Tue, 01-04-2011 - 10:40pm
Hi, Sus. I think pp have already said what I would have, but wanted to welcome you to the board. This really is a great place for knowledge and support. ((HUGS)). Sorry for your loss.


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Wed, 01-05-2011 - 9:56am
Hi, I'm sorry for your loss. I'd have to agree with Michelle. After a miscarriage, it may take some time for your cycles to go back to normal.

With any luck, it'll work itself out quickly and you'll be getting that bfp in no time.

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