PLEASE don't give up hope...

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PLEASE don't give up hope...
Tue, 09-04-2012 - 10:19pm

Last Wednesay our angel, Noelle, should have been born.  It was an awful, painful day, just a few weeks after I turned 43.  Today I got a BFP!!!  I'd given up actively "trying" and we just focused on having a lot of great, fun sex - and holy cow it worked!!!  I also gave it up to God and told him it was all in His time if it was supposed to happen at all...and here we are :smileyhappy:

Blessings and baby bumps to you all - fingers crossed that my angel doesn't get any more company up in Heaven please!!


(43, mom to 3 DS (14, 11, 9), giving marriage a 2nd try, M/C in Feb at 10.5 weeks due to extra 9th chromosome)