REVERSE roll call (are you on this list)

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REVERSE roll call (are you on this list)
Tue, 04-08-2003 - 12:21am
Post to people we havent seen in a while, so they might stop lurking! I guess I will start! Byhisgrace (Jessi) COME OUT AND TELL US HOW YOU ARE!! ((hugs)) Crystal

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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 10:28pm
CRYSTAL (and everyone else!!!)---wow, I feel so tickeled to be missed and named specifically! I was just chatting w/ Heather (iteach123) and she said I was asked about on the board. This is my first time posting in this new format. I occassionally lurk/read, but the new format is ODD! (LOL, like we haven't heard that one yet!!!!)

My m/s has gotten the BEST of me! On top of that, I lost my job 2.5 weeks ago, still haven't found a job, dh is getting UPTIGHT and grouchy, I got an awful cold/sore throat/head mess on Sunday--so I'm feeling on top of the crap pile right now! LOL! And because of my m/s, my time on the PC is limited, b/c sometimes the screen makes me want to puke! LOL! My sister, who has had one single and one twin preg. said the same thing as she struggled w/ m/s for 7 months and 6 months--NOW I UNDERSTAND HER!!!

Crystal-hope the move went smoothly! Thanks for being active once you got your foot back in "the door." I know the changes have been tough and it has turned me off from PP to an extent, but I admire the dedication of all who are still here--and I DO lurk at gynosaurs too! (Great name by the way! LOL!)

Love to all! Hope you each get the results you want/need this month!!!

Jessi <>< EDD 11/16/03 w/ another u/s scheduled on 4/15/03 to get me over my 8w4d hump (which is Thursday) when my Angel quit growing last time.