Roll Call Week of Dec 3rd

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Roll Call Week of Dec 3rd
Mon, 12-03-2012 - 6:33pm

Name: Jessica


Waiting for or anything you would like to share?

I am waiting for my period to stop and then heal for TTC next month since month!! WOOHOO I can not wait!! we have not been able to try for 3 months.



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Tue, 12-04-2012 - 7:22am

Melissa here

CD 25 here... AF is due monday ish....

Yay!!! glad you can start TTC again soon Jess!!!!

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Tue, 12-04-2012 - 9:16am

Name: Eeva-Maija

CD: 28, but got a long cycle so AF due next week 10th onwards.

Excited for you Jessica that you can TTC soon!

Hoping AF doesn't come visit you Melissa!

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Tue, 12-04-2012 - 11:49am

Name: Gretchen

CD: 12

Waiting for ovulation, but I hope it waits until CD 22 - I'll be out of town until CD 18 with no hope for trying.

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Tue, 12-04-2012 - 12:03pm
Name: Nicolle CD: 30, 3DPO I think. So excited for you Jess! Hope AF stays away for you Melissa and Eeva, will be waiting on updates :) Gretchen I hope O holds out for you! So frustrating when it's at a bad time.

Private message me if you'd like to join our TTCAM facebook group :)


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Tue, 12-04-2012 - 2:57pm

Name: Chrissy

CD: 2

So I took a hard look at everything and decided that I am 30 y/o, been ttc for 15 month, had 2 m/c at 8 weeks, and no successful pregnancies.  There is something not right about that.  So I made an appointment with an RE and they were able to get me in on december 12!  I am nervous and hopeful.  I feel like now if I were to get pg, I wouldn't just be waiting around to m/c again.