A sad hello...possible m/c?

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A sad hello...possible m/c?
Mon, 03-26-2012 - 11:53am
Hi ladies:-) I think I'm in the process of a miscarriage. Saturday I started bleeding & went to ER. They did bloodwork to test HCg levels, which I don't have the results yet, & they did an u/s & found the gestational sac measuring 5 wks, but I was 6wks 1 day at the time. Since Saturday, bleeding has progressed & is like a period. I also feel very achy & very nauseous. Is that normal during a miscarriage? Have an appt tomorrow morning w/my dr.
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Mon, 03-26-2012 - 3:06pm
(((HUGS))) Haylee, I'm so sorry. You could be nauseous from your hormone levels going down, if it gets to be too bad than you could call your doctor to see what they say. Please keep us posted.

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Tue, 03-27-2012 - 6:30pm

(((HUGGSSS))) I am so sorry to hear that your having these problems:( However i do know that even with my last loss I still Felt Pregnant and nauseas , so it could be all the hormones. I know with my daughter that i carried tell i was 19 weeks i bled all the time and if i wasent trying to get pregnant I probably wouldnt have known for a while. Hang in there and update when you can:) . This is a great group of women that can help you get through this.

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Sun, 04-22-2012 - 7:53pm

Hey there, you could be bleeding from a number of reasons. It's a very scary few days and it's gonna feel like nobody cares.