Sorry for all of the Questions...Clueless..

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Sorry for all of the Questions...Clueless..
Wed, 10-06-2010 - 3:57pm

So I've heard that women continue to experience pg symptoms after finding out that they had a missed miscarriage. Well my m/s had eased up a lot since finding out but now I have a NEW symptom. I have to pee every five seconds. Why would I develop new symptoms-is it because of the HcG levels still being up? I mean it just seems odd to be experiencing new symptoms when the pg is over? All it is doing now is making me doubt what I saw. I keep thinking maybe that heartbeat was hiding in there somewhere and they just couldn't find it. I feel like its not all settled and its been nerve wracking waiting for the moment to happen. But I still want to stick to my decision-I just wonder will the symptoms go away completely before the process begins? Or will continue to last until the HcG levels go back down? I'm so confused. I think I'm confusing myself.




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Wed, 10-06-2010 - 4:06pm

Sorry you are going thru this.

Everyone is different. It may be levels are still rising, or unfortunately even if they are not you can still have new symptoms as it can take awhile for your body to realize you arent pregnant anymore.

Even after I had my D&C I continued to get new symptoms, like reflux, that I only have when pregnant & did not have b4 D&C.

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Wed, 10-06-2010 - 6:45pm

Hi Karen,

I was wondering how you're going over the weekend.

I think what you're describing is very normal. It's just hard because your body hasn't adjusted to what's happening yet. It plays with your mind. This is why it is said that m/c is so hard on you physically and mentally. I hope you're ok. It's a sad reminder when you're feeling symptoms but have been told you'll m/c.

With my m/cs, the symptoms stopped after the process had ended (maybe a week or so later I stopped feeling sick).

Questioning yourself about the heartbeat is so normal. I did the same for 4 weeks. 4 ultrasounds said there was no hope. I still had hope. "Where there's life there's hope". For me it was the denial/disbelief stage of grief. But I didn't recognise it as that. MIracles do happen.

Thinking of you,


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