Therapy after Miscarriage

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Therapy after Miscarriage
Wed, 02-05-2014 - 10:09am

I wanted to pass along this article from the Huffington Post, the author talks about the miscarriage she had in public, and how combined with previous birth trauma caused her PTSD to worsen.  I thought that following piece of advice was very important and wanted to share it:

If you have experienced trauma related to birth, fertility, or of any kind, please know that you are not alone. Most important, please express your feelings to a friend, family member or health care provider and seek help. If you find that your doctor or therapist is not a good match for you, find a new one. The feelings you have about your experience deserve to be acknowledged and validated. It wasn't easy to go back to therapy, but I committed myself to doing the work to recover from my traumatic experiences because I did not want my family life to be affected negatively by what happened to me. Rachael, my therapist, became my partner on the road to healing and helped me acquire the necessary tools to recover.

Read more (just a warning, she is pretty graphic with details on her miscarriage):

Did you seek therapy after your miscarriage?  Were you able to connect with your therapist?