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TTC #3
Tue, 07-09-2013 - 2:37pm

Hey ladies!  Long story as short as possible...conceived twin boys with the help of IUI and fertility meds who were born in May 2011.  

Last fall, hubby and I decided to try again, but we knew that we couldn't handle another set of twin newborns so TTC without any help.  We conceived on the 2nd month and before I was really ready to get pregnant.  I honestly thought it'd take us forever or it would never happen at all.  I was tracking my temps and using OPKs, but didn't think it'd actually happen.  Fast forward 21 weeks to the devastating u/s that told us our lil girl was gone.  D&E and 2 months later, we started TTC again.  First two cycles we BD when my temps dropped and OPK had smiley face to no avail. Now, we are on cycle 3 and I SHOULD be in my peak O time, but temps are wacky and OPKs say no dice.  

I know...I know, it's only the third month, but with baby girl's EDD a couple weeks ago the recent BFN and this cycle's lack of O (at least it looks like it right now) are really hitting me hard.  Just needing some support and to talk to other women that are TTC.  

I know how extremely lucky I am to already have two lil boys, and I'm sorry if it sounds horrible that I'm complaining when I've already been so blessed.  So, here I am and thanks for reading my story!  


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TTC #3

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Thu, 07-11-2013 - 4:13pm

I am so glad that you came over here for support! Its Deff hard I tried for 5 years for my first with 5 losses 4 early losses and one late lass at 19 weeks with my daughter Kloie so I understand how Frustrating it can be. I know that once I let my body heal from the other losses I got pregnant pretty quickly. Are you Ovulating ok that you know of?

Again I am really sorry for your loss its so hard,

~Jessica CL

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Tue, 08-27-2013 - 10:01am

I was so moved by your response.  I was blessed with my son without any major complications 3 years ago.  I got pregnant in January with our 2nd, but I learned we had lost the baby during an ultrasound on our wedding anniversary at 12 weeks.  I am now trying to conceive again and frustrated.  I too feel guilty that I have 1 healthy happy child, and others haven't had that, but I still want one more so badly. 

I wish you luck in your journey.  Just nice to know I am not alone.  Thanks for sharing.