1st Appt with Infertility Specialist

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1st Appt with Infertility Specialist
Wed, 07-14-2010 - 9:15pm

Hi All,

Since I suspect there are many others out there that have more experience than me, I am looking for your pearls of wisdom. We have our first appointment on Friday with an OB specializing in infertility. At this point I have had two medically confirmed miscarriages (they drew blood) and two unconfirmed since starting TTC Nov'09.

I am looking for you help in trying to make sure we get the most out of this appointment possible. What questions do you ask, or wish you had asked? What tests would be worth my while to suggest for confirmation of working parts and pieces? What might they suggest that you found to be unhelpful (aside from "you have one beautiful child so obviously you will get pregnant again someday", if I hear that one more time...)

Any advice for hubby? He seems to be very relaxed thinking that this is all me. Even if it is, I want to keep him on my team as an active participant and decision maker. Lucky him if all his parts and pieces are working but there are some things I don't do without his full support.

Sorry we all have to be having this discussion, but thanks for any and all help you can offer.


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Thu, 07-15-2010 - 4:15pm
Hey hun~
There is always so much to try and remember just write down everything all your concerns and questions that you have!
I asked about a lot of diff things when I was going through all the treatment with my Endometriouses( I dont know how to spell it.)
And if your hubby has questions have him also write down some of his concerns and questions;) thats what I have found works for me:)
I hope that you get the answers you are looking for keep us posted:)

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Thu, 07-15-2010 - 4:34pm

Good luck Angela!! The Recurrent Loss Board CL has a great list of questions to ask.

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Fri, 07-16-2010 - 8:27pm

I would suggest researching the different options (IUI, injections, etc) so when the RE talks about it then you can ask good questions. I wish we did a bit more research before our first RE appt. My husband had literally 2 pages of questions for the RE on the differences between clomid and femara. Since we didn't have the questions for our first appointment, we had to call and beg the nurse to have the doctor call us to get these technical questions answered. Now I want to go back to the RE to figure out where we go after our MC.

It still wouldn't hurt to have your partner checked out by the RE to rule him out. I would just warn him that it usually means a SA and the RE physically checking the veins. I know my husband was a bit surprised by the exam of the testicles. That is nothing compared to what us women go through. It didn't help that a student doctor had to feel them also. :)

If the RE recommends any blood tests then I would see if those can be done at your regular doctor's office/HMO so it doesn't fall under infertility. I know my insurance has a lifetime limit of $2,000 for infertility procedures and $500 lifetime limit for fertility drugs. That doesn't last long.

Good luck!

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Fri, 07-16-2010 - 9:07pm

SO I don't know why they even had us come in. She had generated a list of tests after reviewing our record and after talking with us ordered them and sent us on our way. Let me say I am grateful she did something since we have been getting a whole lot of nothing, but it felt very cookie cutter. We could have been one of 100 couples in there that day and I feel like she must start with this same list. She also seemed disappointed that we could be pregnant and would need to rule that our before some of the more invasive work.

Yes, lucky us that we can get pregnant. We are currently running at 5 m/c 1 live birth. Getting a BFP no longer results in nine month expectations. I guess this is supposed to follow through and try to determine why that is happening, but it just felt so impersonal.

Hubby is getting checked too, but with his suprise diagnosis last year of Celiac disease, not expecting more issues from him. And we had our only while he was still undiagnosed so he should be healthier than ever now.

There were three tests I wanted and didn't get. An A13 for diabetes, a test for menopause, and laproscopy of my uterus. Since I gave what sure appeared to be a pint of blood today, I will push for these next time. I did get the HSG. Hoping any gross abnormalities or issues from a previous c-section will show on that.

All in all, this is more than they have ever given before so I will hopefully sleep a little easier tonight. Now I just watch and wait for results. I love Friday afternoon bloodwork :-)

To all the women that have been doing this much longer than me, I admire your courage and strength. I see the posts about the tests and treatments and know that right now, you are blazing a trail of determination, conviction and courage that I hope to emulate if the need arises.