Another wisdom tooth pulled today..PAIN

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Another wisdom tooth pulled today..PAIN
Tue, 07-20-2004 - 8:40pm

I had the last of my wisdom teeth pulled today. It was a bottom one, that was impacted. Sorry to be gross, but they had to dig so much to get it out, it was awful. And all I could have is novacaine, because nothing else is safe during pregnancy! I knew it was going to hurt when the novacaine wore off but I had NO idea it was going to kill this bad! It hurts me more now with no tooth there then when it was trying to grow in and couldnt! They told me all I could take for the pain is tylenol, which I knew. My ob once told me that 2 extra strength or 3 regular strength every four hours is fine. And in my 3rd trimester with my dd, they actually gave me Vicodin for a toothache once! But anyhow, the 2 extra strength tylenol did not even TOUCH the pain from them digging and prodding around, so I took a third, and that took the edge off, but it still hurt. I made it four hours and took two more (That was at 230 this afternoon) and I took 2 more at 630. Its STILL killing me! I want to take like 4 of them!!!! I know tylenol is safe in pregnancy, and as long as you dont go over the recommended dosage in 24 hours, its fine (rec dosage is no more than 8 in a 24 hour period, and I have already taken 7!)

I really dont think anything bad would happen if I took 2 more before bed, I know I wont get any sleep like this, and thats not good for baby either....I just hate worrying!

Anyone have experience with this, or is anyone in the medical field that can shed some light on this?

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Thu, 07-22-2004 - 12:06pm
OUCH!!! Poor you. Believe me I can sympathise! In fact, when I was pg with my DD, I had an impacted wisdom tooth for 9 months. I put up with it because of dental phobia. In the end after DD was born I had it "dug" out and because I bleed easily I had 6 stitches. My goodness, the pain afterwards was excruitiating! I thought I might throw myself under a passing car for a few days!!! Believe it or not, I took the stitches out using a pair of tweezers and nail scizzors to relieve the pain!! It worked a treat but was very gross!

I'm 7wks pg tomorrow and had an emergency dental appointment on Tuesday. All I will say is ROOT CANAL! OMG, like I said, I have dental phobia which meant NO sedation for me. I cried the whole way there in the car and whilst in the chair my heart rate was unbelievable!! It hurt like hell. And it's not over yet. I have to go back in 2wks for the second stage of treatment. I can only take paracetamol for the pain and there is nothing worse than toothache for me!

I hope that you start to feel better soon. Get some strong anti-inflammatory mouth wash from the chemist. Also, rinse your mouth out with warm salt water, it really helps and keeps infection at bay.

Feel free to moan to me, I'm in the same boat!!!!