Arguhhhh! Why bother!

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Arguhhhh! Why bother!
Thu, 08-12-2010 - 10:04pm

WARNING : Not happy with useless Drs today.

So we got the results of all of our testing. Nothing detectably wrong with me. Husband has an inversion on Chromosome 9 (12/13). However, the RE doesn't seem to think this is related. She is sending us to genetic counseling to be sure.

In terms of having a baby, she is happy to test me whenever I feel I am pg and continue to test betas for the duration of the pg but they have no detectable reason for the recurring m/c's. So as long as we are willing to keep up this habit, they seem to think that we will eventually hit upon success. They cannot even offer us IVF as that wouldn't help. I feel like they have offered me what I want so long as I am willing to let great white sharks nibble on me along the way. What is so funny is that if this chromosome anomoly is the issue, it should only affect 50% of pregnancies but we have had failures of 83% of BFPs. So really they don't know much except they have no treatment to offer.

I don't know what we are going to do. We tried to plan for all eventualities in this testing but the thought that we would have to continue on this path was never considered. I have begun the process of investigating adoption but only because i cannot imagine having only one child ever. It is not our preference but rather a back up position. I want to think I am strong enough to keep trying, but a single m/c has such an impact on me, my DD and my DH. Intentionally ttc knowing we are likely to end up with that as the result seems crazy.

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Thu, 08-12-2010 - 10:18pm

sorry about your dr visit

im not too happy with my drs lately either.
i wanted an answer too & they didnt really give me one.
i have a blood clotting disorder that my OB thought was the problem then another Dr says no.
Im back to square one. My ins doesnt cover anything.

All I can do is try & hope that I carry the next baby to term. It sucks.

I know its frustrating when there is no clear cut solution.