The "BITE ME" Idea..

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The "BITE ME" Idea..
Thu, 04-01-2004 - 12:21pm
Since I put this down in waiting to test, I think alot of people are missing it.. I want to give those of you who might not have seen it a chance to respond.. It is a great way for all of us here TTC to get out a little frustration...

It goes something like this..

TO all the women who only have to buy one HPT, and not one everyother day.. BITE ME!!

or maybe

TO all 3 of my SIL who are pg and keep asking me "SO when are you going to have a baby..." BITE ME!!!! (I borrowed that one from laura or katie.. sorry.)

and last but not least

TO those who get to have sex like normal people, No temps, no legs in the air, no "GET HOME RIGHT NOW HONEY!!"... BITE ME!!!

So for anyone wanting to get some it out, don't hold back...




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Thu, 04-08-2004 - 10:13am
This idea made my day!!!!

To the doctor who said "Oh, I see the pregnancy reduced to one" when I lost a twin...BITE ME!

To my mom (love ya) who just "had to take me" to see her friend's 6 month old twins...BITE ME!

To the lady at my church who found out the end of January that she was already 6 months pregnant ("I thought I felt something moving...")...BITE ME!


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Thu, 04-08-2004 - 4:19pm
To my co-worker and his wife, who tried only one night to get pregnant and succeeded, have had an easy and uneventful pregnancy and are now completely disappointed that the baby is a girl. BITE ME!!!!!


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Thu, 04-08-2004 - 6:44pm
I love this!!

I second all of the previous BITE MEs. Here's mine.

To my mother who told me that we are young and have plenty of time to have kids and that it is no big deal... BITE ME YOU INSENSITIVE B$TCH!

To my SIL who had only been married for a month got pg without trying and is not even excited to have the baby...BITE ME!

To all of the people that tell me about someone else who just got pregnant right after I told them I miscarried....BITE ME

Thanks for the vent!


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Fri, 04-09-2004 - 1:29pm

I have a new one:

To my teenager who has decided to live with his dad...BITE ME!


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Wed, 04-14-2004 - 5:26pm
bump for Moira..

Oh and while I'm here. BITE ME mom for telling me not to get my hopes up this month. I know you love me and want to protect me, but BITE ME. LET ME BE IRRATIONAL.


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Wed, 04-14-2004 - 6:04pm
Obviously, I echo all of the other "BITE ME's" but, this one is too good to not share!

To the co-worker of my DH who is 23, had sex twice with her boyfriend (then stopped because she felt "guilty"), then woke up one morning in February to see her belly-button popped out, went to the doctor to find out what was wrong with her stomach, only to be told by the doctor that she is DUE IN MAY.... BITE ME!

Argh... *sigh*.... I'm feeling much better :)


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Thu, 04-15-2004 - 9:35am
To my dear friend, Erin, who just told me "you lost the baby somewhat early, thank goodness, and you're healthy and can get pregnant again"

I love you, hon, but BITE A BIG ONE, WILL YA?!


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Thu, 04-15-2004 - 1:04pm
To the doctor that said internally I was fine then turned and said there was no baby let's do a d&c in one breath BITE ME

To the same idiot doctor that said I definately wouldn't m/c on my own this weekend and we don't do d&c's over the weekend (in other words don't bother me it's Easter) BITE ME

To the hundreds of internal exams (it feels like it) I've endured since Friday BITE ME

To the people that say "well you were really blessed with one" BITE ME

To the people that say "But you get to have fun trying again" BITE ME

To my freakin' body that won't heal properly BITE ME

To waiting 2 weeks to find out what to do now that I have these huge fibroids BITE ME

(oh yeah) To my stinking furnace that died the same day that I m/c BITE ME

ahhhhhhhhhhh that helped, I think I'm done. Thanks!!!


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Thu, 04-15-2004 - 1:26pm
I love this idea! I just haven't had the time to post..So here goes:

To my family that hasn't ever mentioned the fact that I had a m/c....BITE ME.

To my brother and his infinite wisdom as he complained about hes ex wife who is pg and due in Aug (that's when I was due)that she is too old (she is 1 year younger than me)to have children and that is what causes problems......BITE ME--Doesn't he remember that we are ttc?????

To my dh for putting off ttc for so long that now two people very dear to me and that I wanted my children to know aren't here anymore....Bite me

To the idiot at work who asked the other day....weren't you pg?....A BIG BITE ME

To all the parents of the first graders that want to be in my class next year and were worried about me having a baby in August.....BITE ME and hahahaha Now I will be out after Holiday Braek.

Boy I feel somewhat better now:)


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Thu, 04-15-2004 - 3:25pm
This is a wonderful idea so here goes:

To the neighbor lady that asked my best friend "was she really pregnant?" Bite Me!

To my mom who was less than pleased to learn i was pregnant.Bite me

To my ds whom at 15 said he was glad because he liked being an only child.Bite Me

To my dear friends ,lesbian daughter, who slept with a man to get pregnant and now has a lovely baby boy to hide from the dad...Bite ME

To all those girls who are too dumb to realize what a blessing it is to have a baby.Bite ME

To the doctor in the ER who told me I was pregnant by showing me the lab results in front of my family..BITE ME

There thats better...


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