The "BITE ME" Idea..

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The "BITE ME" Idea..
Thu, 04-01-2004 - 12:21pm
Since I put this down in waiting to test, I think alot of people are missing it.. I want to give those of you who might not have seen it a chance to respond.. It is a great way for all of us here TTC to get out a little frustration...

It goes something like this..

TO all the women who only have to buy one HPT, and not one everyother day.. BITE ME!!

or maybe

TO all 3 of my SIL who are pg and keep asking me "SO when are you going to have a baby..." BITE ME!!!! (I borrowed that one from laura or katie.. sorry.)

and last but not least

TO those who get to have sex like normal people, No temps, no legs in the air, no "GET HOME RIGHT NOW HONEY!!"... BITE ME!!!

So for anyone wanting to get some it out, don't hold back...




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Fri, 04-16-2004 - 7:05pm
To these pains that won't go away - BITE ME!!!

To the miscarriages I have suffered that are causing me to worry about every aspect of this new pregnancy and taking all the excitement away and filling me only with worry -- BIG FAT BITE ME!


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Fri, 04-16-2004 - 10:29pm
"Bite me" you awful ciggies who are taunting and tempting me all the way from the Dairy Barn 25 minutes away!! I am so furious that they have had such a hold on me and I am trying to stay strong to beat the urge-- BITE ME!! Cara
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Sat, 04-17-2004 - 10:11am
To my GMIL who sent me a pretty card telling me to talk to my doctor because I am overweight therefore unlikely to conceive - BITE ME!

To my DH who doesn't understand why I won't see or talk to his GM since I did conceive a month later (but lost it) - "it proves her wrong honey so what's the problem" - BITE ME!

To the antibotics(for a UTI from BD) that are making me nauseous - BITE ME!


~i~ 2/28/04

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Sat, 04-17-2004 - 3:27pm

I was just reading the ttc#1 thread and it seems like a whole lot of us are in our 30s and waited to ttc until we were done with school, had jobs, got houses, found the perfect man, etc. In other words what people say you're "supposed" to do. You know all that stuff about being "settled" etc.

Yeah, well, we did all that and now we're having trouble to that I say BITE ME!

Here in support of all of you quitting smoking! WTG!!

(Stephanie I'm proud of you!)

~i~ 1/30/04

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Sun, 04-18-2004 - 1:20am
ro my fiance who thinks that 2 days have gone by so i should be "over it" BITE ME

you will never understand

to my fiance who keeps asking me why i am not worrying about his feelings ...........BITE ME HARD
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Sun, 04-18-2004 - 3:39am

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Sun, 04-18-2004 - 5:20am
to my DH who is "worn out" and has "run out" of spermies right when I need them on O day! -BITE ME
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Sun, 04-18-2004 - 8:13am
To the fact that we have a million days to remind us...the first time we see a pg women after m/c, the first time we see a newborn after m/c, a week from the m/c, a month, a year, on and on. BITE ME

It just occurred to me this morning that a number of holidays will now always have a cloud over them. I found out I was pg on Valentine's day, was informed the baby died on Good Friday, m/c "naturally" on Easter and my due date was Halloween (which I was sooooo excited about the date). I guess the only thing I can do is create newer, better memories on these days but BITE ME anyways fate.

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Sun, 04-18-2004 - 10:00am

To fertilityfriend and my friggin' O. MAKE UP YOUR FLIPPIN' MINDS!!! I'm so tired of being 3DPO. Bite me. Bite me. Bite me.

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Sun, 04-18-2004 - 5:46pm
Im new here, but SO need to share..this may be better than the support group Im going to..

to FATE..for making me m/c my baby 5 days before our wedding BITE ME!!!

to my family, each and everyone of them, for completely invalidating that I was ever pregnant BITE ME!!!

to my 6 older sisters, whom ALL have at least 2 children, BITE ME for being so selfish

to my 6 older sisters, for getting pregnant by just thinking about it and having healthy pregnancies BITE ME!!!

to my superintendent for making me write a *letter of justification* as to why I was not able to be at school due to my m/c, but I was ok to get married..F&$%ing BITE ME!!!

to WHOEVER caused me to get pregnant after 7 years of inferitility and then took it away from my 5 days before our wedding BITE ME!!!

To my DH, who is SO inconsistent with his support, he'll be great for a while and then BANG its like he even forgot what happened..BITE ME

to my DH for playing X Box live right now while Im pissed off with him BITE ME

to my DH for TELLING ME TO F%$@ING relax....BITE ME

to stupid NJ b$tch who keeps sending us pictures and christening know who you are...bite me

to my family, because I hate you for being so cold, callous, and distant right now BITE ME

to my materialistic, self centered family,,,,for having 14 beautiful children, big huge houses, the latest SUV and for being so caught up in your own world that you dont even realize I exist b/c Im the youngest BITE ME

to everyone that says "It wasnt meant to be", "God works in humane ways", " you werent REALLY pregnant" " YOull get pregnatn in NO time' and "your can conceive again" and to everyone with all of your insensitive comments CHOMP MY ASS!!!

oh and one more...

to my neighbor who after I told her aobut losing my baby, said "I know just how you feel, I had an abortion in college"' BITE ME SO HARD THAT YOU CHOKE AND SUFFER

and why Im at it...CHOMP HARD CHOKE SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY DIE to everyone that says "I know how you feel"...

Tell me? just how do they know how I feel? Ive been infertile for 7 ex Husband cheated on my 2x and got both girls lpregnant, 1 aborted and 1 m/c...then, after we separated, he got engaged and his new fiance is NOW pregnant...So, Im infertile all these years, the man of my dreams..a great guy, we plan a wedding last year, and in lieu of a honeymoon, we have an appointment for the week after our wedding (March 6th 2004) to begin fertiltiy treatments..but low and behold....2 months before our wedding, we find out Im pregnant...every other day HCG's and Transvaginal ultrasounds b/c im high risk..leading right up to an extremely painful m/c that lasted literally about 3 days...right before our wedding...

Yeah..go ahead, tell me you know how I feel.....You pieces of pooey...Ugghhhhh

this was very beneficial..Can I come back or have I exceeded my limit of "BITE MES"


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