The "BITE ME" Idea..

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The "BITE ME" Idea..
Thu, 04-01-2004 - 12:21pm
Since I put this down in waiting to test, I think alot of people are missing it.. I want to give those of you who might not have seen it a chance to respond.. It is a great way for all of us here TTC to get out a little frustration...

It goes something like this..

TO all the women who only have to buy one HPT, and not one everyother day.. BITE ME!!

or maybe

TO all 3 of my SIL who are pg and keep asking me "SO when are you going to have a baby..." BITE ME!!!! (I borrowed that one from laura or katie.. sorry.)

and last but not least

TO those who get to have sex like normal people, No temps, no legs in the air, no "GET HOME RIGHT NOW HONEY!!"... BITE ME!!!

So for anyone wanting to get some it out, don't hold back...




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Sun, 04-18-2004 - 6:00pm


(this isn't a bite me) I just wanted to say welcome and I hope your bite me's helped a bit. I come back and do more bite me's regularly and find it really helps. Especially when I want to tell people I really love to bite me (like mom and dh).

vent all you like, we understand. We might not be in your exact same situation, but we definitely understand. You'll find you're in good company here. These are amazing women.


PS Congrats on your wedding. I, too, am a newlywed ...exactly four months before your date.

Here in support of all of you quitting smoking! WTG!!

(Stephanie I'm proud of you!)

~i~ 1/30/04

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Sun, 04-18-2004 - 10:46pm

To my body who has failed me....BITE ME

To whatever caused me to mc and to mess up my body....BITE ME

To my MIL who coos over every baby in sight when I'm around....BITE ME

To all my friends who got pg right away- first month ttc-

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Mon, 04-19-2004 - 6:50am
Here is my biggest one!

To the woman on my Playgroup board who "somehow" ended up pregnant when her daughter was just 9 months old, and who complained everyday how she didnt want to be pregnant and was hoping to "just start bleeding" And who was hoping that she would "have to have a d/c" after her ultrasound the other day (She posted this even AFTER myself and two other woman at our playgroup board lost our babies)AND who had the NERVE to post and say "Where are all the other prego mommies...i know im not the only one, am i?", a day after we posted our losses. AND who is now typing in BLUE because she wants our "vibes" for a boy, she has 3 girls...I think I speak for many when I say BITE ME!!!!!

P.S. I told her that I would trade her my d/c for her healthy baby if she really wanted it that bad!!

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Mon, 04-19-2004 - 7:15am
a continuation from yesterday....

to my DH who ruined my day yesterday on purpose so that he could cause a fight and have a *reason* to not go to the beach with me BITE ME HONEY!!!

to my DH for acting so calm about me possibly being pregnant right now and then getting ALL pissed off that I didnt tell him BEFORE I did the pregnancy test...BITE ME!!!

to my DH for waking up this morning and continuing the stupid argument and for telling me that now "I" made him mad by doing a FRE without tellling him ...poor guy had to find out by actually THROWING something in the garbage and seeing the BFN himself....BITE ME!!!

to my 3rd grade students today, that surely are going to try my patience and make me irritated because I am PMSing or pregnant and my hormones are upside down BITE ME!!!

and last but not least, to the dreamaker, for giving me HORRIBLE dreams everynight for a week now...CHOKE ON YOUR BITTEN PIECE, DUDE!!!

YOu girls are great..thanks so much...I may have to make a habit of this ;)

Jen DW to a DH (not dear husband today ;) who is aggravating me!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Mon, 04-19-2004 - 12:06pm
I'm so glad I found this board.

Thanks for letting me rant!

- (No offence I have tremdous amounts of respect for those who would save our lives...even if it means turning into a emotionless zombie) - To the emergency ward Surgeon who told me it was too late for a D&C then asked me, while popping his bubble gum if I had "calmed down yet" after completing my m/c in a cold sterile hospital room, with only my DH holding my hand (Love that man!) To you doctor I say BITE ME!

- To my loving family who truely are supportive but have a habit of saying things at the wrong time. Like my Dear sister "Hey you might never be able to carry a baby to term...I'll carry it for you" (Lovely idea you clubhopping smoking freak) - ( I know she means well) BITE ME!

- To the makers of HPT's and Fertility Monitors - Bloody swindlers. Thank you for making a great product. Is it absolutely necessary for us to pay a king's ransom to obtain these tools?! For the 300$+ a year I spend on these disposables - BITE ME!

- To the cashier at the shoppers drug mart - (again I know she means well) who asks me "Oh! a pregnancy test - how exciting, that'll be $17.87 please!" and my only thought in my head is "yes how exciting, haven't you ever thought it odd, that I'm in every week buying the same product and how exciting that must be you freaking twit!" - BITE ME!

- To my DH's immature friends who said stupid things because they just are too young to know what to say - IE "You can always adopt" AGH! - BITE ME!

and lastly to all the people I run into who pat my tummy and say "wow you're getting big"

then quickly excuse themselves to let me fight a new batch of tears that comes in onslaught alone because instead of doing the decent thing of apologizing and perhaps letting me grieve a little with the support of those so called friends, the scurry off like it was the fashion faux-pas of the week - GRR A GREAT BIG BITE ME!

(Note, no offence to any that might have been offended, nothing meant by it - just a woman in need of screaming her head off)

~ Chi Deylan

^i^ April 12, 2004

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Mon, 04-19-2004 - 4:09pm
and she continues....

to the faculty at my school who do not like me and find everything and anything to complain to my principal about me....BITE ME!!!!

to the cowards who cant come to my face and tell me what they feel the need for my principal to know ....BITE ME!!!!!


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Mon, 04-19-2004 - 6:39pm
To my closest friend at work who I tell everything to and knows that i mc in feb and my mom died last week but still told me "don't get too excited yet" when I told her about BFP....Bite Me I'll get excited if I want to, I think i deserve it.

To my sister....For ignoring completely the fact that I told her I was pg congrats, or I'm happy for she just changes the subject...BITE ME.

To my other so called friend who's first question was "You aren't going to tell you ds are you? You know, just in case." Well if I m/c again he will find out and then he never gets the chance to be happy--just sad...(he wants a sibling soooo bad)so BITE ME

To my dh who doesn't want to get excited just in case we have another mc....BITE ME BIG TIME.

That's all for now.


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Mon, 04-19-2004 - 7:18pm
Ohhh, this is a great spot to be right now!!

To my MIL who said the day after my d&c "Will you be upset if you can never have anymore children?" - BITE ME BIG TIME!

To my friend who said when I asked her to find an alternate babysitter one day a week "I understand, I really understand but I don't have anyone else to watch him but you" She will NEVER understand til she lives thru it - BITE ME!! BITE ME!!

And to all those people who never ask how I am doing cause it's been 3 weeks now and they think its over and done with - BITE ME AGAIN!!


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Mon, 04-19-2004 - 7:56pm
LOL...I just wanted to be # 90 on the BITE ME thread so here goes

to everyone who has said stupid, insensitive, down right DUMB ASS things to me and all my fella sistas who unfortunately have had to endure a m/c



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Mon, 04-19-2004 - 8:25pm
I haven't had anything to add to this for a long time-but had to get this off my chest.

To the guy in the office next to my DH who has 3 kids under the age of 5 & stays late at work to play on the internet (but tells his wife that he's working unpaid overtime) because "it's just too stressful to go home and be with the kids all evening." BITE ME!

I'd happily take his darling 4 month old daughter off his hands... (Or either of the older kids-I'm not picky!)