Blocked tube but avg BFP 2 out of 3 mts

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Blocked tube but avg BFP 2 out of 3 mts
Wed, 07-28-2010 - 10:32pm

So I'm feeling like the HSG just completed was a waste of a test. We now know my right tube is blocked, Not how, when or why, but it just is. Now originally they said women avg getting BFP 1 in every four months. With a blocked tube it diminishes to 1 in 8. However, we are averaging 2 positives out of three months. This is because on the months we avoided concieving (using barrier method) we didn't concieve intentionally. And on the months we tried, it worked most times.

So someone, please explain. Am I m/c because of a blocked tube. Are the eggs on the left lower quality? Are they smaller or bad growers or have no implantation strengths? I really wanna know since after testing two pints of blood and having this HSG the ONLY ISSUE to be detected is a blocked tube.

My Dr however is on vacation and the one who did the test cannot comment since they are not familiar with our case. So now she won't be back until Aug and we don't see her until the 12th. So this cycle is lost and if she wanted to influence the next one in any way, she will have to get right on it since CD1 will be the very next day after the appointment.

Thanks for letting me rant and if anyone has some comforting info to add it is VERY much appreciated.

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Thu, 07-29-2010 - 1:33am

I didn't know any of the answers to your questions, so I took some time to look a few things up. It appears that a blocked tube can interfere with implantation, and can make the uterus a hostile environment for an embryo if it is leaking fluid into the uterus.

See the subsection titled Blocked Fallopian Tubes here:

Did the doctor who performed the test even mention the possibility of doing a laproscopy to re-open the tube? It is an option for some women who have blocked tubes.

All about blocked fallopian tubes:

And finally, I did find a success story to share with you; it may not be directly relevant to what's going on with you, because the woman who wrote it specifically had a hydrosalpinx (don't know if the doctor was able to specify that in your case?), but here it is:

I'm sorry that you're going through this . . . especially without your doctor around to help you understand more about what's going on and what your options are. I hope that when she returns, she's able to help you process it and figure out what the next step is.

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Thu, 07-29-2010 - 1:58am
That is a frustrating and upsetting diagnosis but it can reverse itself. It took me 3 yrs to get my first BFP. I was diagnosed after an HSG with bilateral blocked tubes, my Dr. did laporoscopy on me to try to open them, he pushed fluid up through them as hard as he safely could but they just blew up like a couple water balloons so he stopped. His recommendation was to have another surgery to put stents inside them, I would have 2 strings hanging out of my abdomen and after sometime he would pull the strings out and the tubes should be healed open. I was so upset because I was going to have to hold off TTC for 6 months after the surgery but what was my choice? So I go in, have open abdominal surgery, like a c-section incision, he puts the fluid through again to check for the blockage AND IT IS GONE, TOTALLY GONE, the fluid flowed out of my tubes like a river!!! So he stitched me back up and was so excited to tell me in recovery that they were fine. Of course now I have a huge incision/scar and have to wait 6 months to TTC again.... ugh.... I did however conceive the next year, had my DD, 17 months later was pregnant again but had a m/c at 8 weeks, then 9 months later I was pregnant again and had my second DD. It IS possible! =)
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Thu, 07-29-2010 - 8:44am

I cannot speak for how a blocked tube might affect a healthy pg. What you didn't mention is your age... are you of AMA (over 35)? I ask because that could be a factor in having a MC and not your blocked tube.

Also, My situation is similar in that I only have one operational tube, but that is because I lost one in an ectopic pg.

I have gotten bfp's every 5 months, exactly. That included my healthy pg before my ectopic AND my ectopic pg, both before I lost my tube.

That said, I do think that a blocked tube is separate from carrying the pg to term. In my non-professional opinion, that is. I do think that you can count on every other O as one that can *take* and end up in the uterus, where it belongs.

In my case, I don't feel that my tube that is left is of poorer quality eggs, or inferior in any way. I do feel that I have more of a chance of having a chromosomal issue because I am of AMA (I am 42) and that is most likely why I have had the 2 latter MC's.

HTH some! Good luck and baby dust to you!

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~April, Mom to son Jory, 23 and boy/girl twins, Alex and Haley, 11

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Thu, 07-29-2010 - 9:55am

Thanks to everyone for your responses. I have been reading at the links posted doing some additional searching. So as to answer a few questions that have been asked here and in verbal conversations here is the following info about me.

I recently turned 30. My daughter was born in 2007 and we had miscarriage issues before her. I have never had a known etopic, PCOS or PID. I did have a c/s with my daughter, but this is my only surgery in that area. There is not a history of issues is my very large and extensive family. I am the first of 29 first cousins and the last one is two yrs younger than my daughter. My family has been exceedingly blessed to have babies into their forties with no issues to mom or baby.

This HSG was the first time in 3-4 m/c that anyone has even come close to examining that area. I have frequently wondered if someone should take a look and be sure everything was ok, but they kept thinking I would get pg and there was nothing to worry about. Now I still expect we will add to our family one day, but I don't hold any promises as to how. We are both happy with that outcome. I do wonder if my non-functioning IUD had anything to do with the blockage, but that is just wondering. I may mention it to the RE since I did get pg twice while I had the IUD before we opted to have it removed.

Thanks again to all,