Cycle in upheaval, is it stress?

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Cycle in upheaval, is it stress?
Thu, 08-25-2011 - 8:59am

Hello, Af was due aug 20, that was 5 days ago and still no sign.

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Thu, 08-25-2011 - 11:48am
What kind of stress? Typical day-to-day stress shouldn't affect things. But, if you had some sort of major stress (loss of a loved one, accident, health issue, etc), that can sometimes either delay O or sometimes O doesn't happen. You can also just have an annovulatory cycle, which happens to many, many, many women now and then. Sometimes your body doesn't realize that it needs to send AF because O never happened. I would give it a little bit more time and if there is no +beta, then maybe you could ask them to give you something to jump-start AF. Being in limbo is not fun.
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Thu, 08-25-2011 - 6:02pm
So sorry you are in limbo, it does suck. I have to agree with Tee - every day stress should not affect your cycle, but a lot of stress or major stress will. Ex.: I had an IUD in still in 2009, and that August, my BIL deployed to Iraq and DH's aunt had a bone marrow stem cell transfusion. AF was a week late and I thought I had gotten PG even with the IUD in! Nope, just too much major stress!

I hope the tests give you some answers and AF shows up quickly!
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Fri, 08-26-2011 - 12:06am
Hi Katja,

I hate to say this, but ever since my miscarriage in July of 2008 my cycles have been wonky. I used to be able to set my watch by my cycle, but it can now range anywhere from 24 days to 41 days.

Are you using OPK's at all? I use fertility friend to keep track of stuff (BDing, opks, symptoms, etc) even though I don't temp- it's a great tool, and it's FREE for the basics.

I'm still TTC #1 and I'm turning 37 in October- and sometimes I think I may be getting too old, but my NP assures me I'm not, so hang in there chica!

Keep us posted- hopefully you O'd late and you ended up catching that eggie!