D*mn mailing lists!

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D*mn mailing lists!
Thu, 05-27-2004 - 4:50pm
I received a big, friggin' box of Similac today to "welcome my new addition."

I guess that I needed the reminder that my EDD is coming up, and, oh, I'M NOT PREGNANT!! I called Similac and complained royally! I didn't get the impression that they cared too much, and, BTW, there is another mailer that has already gone out. So I get to deal with more cr*p that I don't want or need right now. Another big, fat reminder that I should be a couple of weeks away from bringing home a bundle of joy, but I'm not.


And I've been doing so well! I've crashed again. I've hit rock bottom again. And I have to start the climb again. D*mn them!

Thanks for letting me vent.




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Thu, 05-27-2004 - 7:20pm
I'm sorry Christine! I feel your pain. I am 2 months away from my EDD of August 5th and I got a call yesterday from the Cord Blood Registry I had inquired about a long time ago and that kind of knocked me down off my ladder too. I believe we will get through this as long as we are all here for each other. stay strong and I will do the same let me know if you need someone to talk to. And GL and lots of *~*~*Baby~*~Dust*~*~* your way and hopefully we will get to experience a BFP to turn around and become a H&H 9 months soon!!


^i^Jan 14th...


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Fri, 05-28-2004 - 11:22am
I know what you mean, I keep getting blood cord emails and babyzone...you're in the 17th week...ahhhhh no I'm not, quite emailing me....sorry :(
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