Docs drive me nuts

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Docs drive me nuts
Wed, 07-14-2004 - 1:04pm
Well, as I continue to try to recover from the m/c, I am trying to either weed through bad doctors or doing the waiting game for good (hopefully) doctors. Basically, my primary is useless and the DC area seems to have a lack of internists. Since the m/c, I've had a sinus infection, UTI, shingles outbreak, joint pain, GI problems, extreme fatigue, and a fever now for over 3 weeks. Given that I have a immune deficiency and have lost over 10 pounds, you'd think the primary would be more concerned. Nope. I don't have cancer, and in her book, that seems to mean that it's not important. So, off on my own. I actually found a great GI doc at Georgetown since my old one was giving random diagnoses. And, I have a rheumatologist appt .. first available .. Sept 22. Hopefully the fevers and joint pain will be gone by then. I suspect I have Lupus and so does a friend of mine who's a nurse. But, not bad enough to warrant the hospital, but not healthy enough to be functional in society - I don't even know if I'll be healthy enough to be in school in the Fall! So, the waiting continues and I'm a big drain on our one income. It's driving me NUTS. I'm sick of all these people saying how NICE it must be to not have to work and have all this free time to have fun. Fun? I envy my DH going to work every day. My big goal right now is to NOT have a fever. Just one day. Tomorrow is my pre-conception consultation with the perinatologist. Already had the RE appt, but now that the fevers won't stay away, and it's clear TTC is not a good plan.

Just venting. I want to be healthy and TTC again! ARGH. I've had enough with the condom obsessions! I was hoping to be like a rabbit in 2 weeks, but I have to be 100% before trying again, so not looking promising.


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Tue, 07-20-2004 - 11:00am

Hey Liz!

We can have pity parties of two!

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Wed, 07-21-2004 - 3:36pm
I can relate entirely to your experiences. I hope the following information will help you in your quest to figure out what's going on with your body.

Last fall I went through a six week period where I seemed to contract one crazy ailment after another . . . I had shingle-like pain that would come & go in various places for several days at a time. I had a fever for weeks. I had chest pains. I felt terrible all the time and ended up scared & depressed, assuming that I had an immune system disorder, like MS or Lupus. After weeks & weeks of visits to the doctor, and one painful test after another, it turns out that I had CMV (cytomegalovirus).

From what I read on the internet, CMV is quite common, especially in children (I have a toddler in daycare). It is also usually seen in folks whose immune systems are compromised (AIDS, transplant patients). By the age of 40, 80% of adults have been exposed to CMV and most of them never knew it, because most people don't have symptoms. However, some folks do exhibit symptoms. A simple blood test can detect whether or not you have recently been exposed to CMV.

DH & I were TTC at the time, and my doctor advised us to stop for several months as CMV is very dangerous in pregnancy -- it causes serious birth defects, and could explain your m/c. The good news is that CMV is not serious. The bad news is that you'll have to postpone TTC for a few months (my doc advised me to wait until one full cycle after I felt completely normal . . . that was about three months) and there isn't anything you can do but wait.

I sure hope that you get to the bottom of your health troubles . . . I remember how terrified and depressed I was last fall when I was going through the same type of thing.

Good luck!


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