E2 results

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E2 results
Tue, 06-29-2010 - 1:30pm

Got my E2 levels back just now. They didn't call me - I harassed the poor girl who answered the phone and forced her to get my chart and get a nurse to read it to me! I am a complete psycho, I know.

But it's good news! It went from a very low 61 to 350. That is still a littleeeeeeeeeeeeee low but nothing at all to worry about per the nurse. About the other nurse saying my cycle was slow this time, she said it is basically the same as my last Gonal-F cycle and she's not worried about that either.

I said "Look, I know that every woman is different - yadda yadda yadda but can you please just tell me what you would like to typically see as far as follicles go at this point?" She said they like to see at least one 15 but that I have two 13's and that is not that far behind!

So I think we're okay for now. She is even letting me skip tomorrow and come back on Thursday so that is one less day ($300) I have to pay for.

I am trying to tell myself this is all good news and to turn my frown upside down but when that nurse made me feel like my cycle was crap it really got me down.

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Tue, 06-29-2010 - 1:34pm
That is great news!

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Tue, 06-29-2010 - 1:36pm

That is such good news about the e2 levels!! I know you said you wanted to see a 400 so 350 is frickin awesome for 2 days. I'm sorry the nurse got you all nervous and worried before. Were you able to get the syringes earlier? I hope so.

That is cool that you get to skip tomorrow, hopefully on thursday everything will be doin exactly what it should. Yay!!


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Tue, 06-29-2010 - 2:38pm
Great news about the levels!
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Tue, 06-29-2010 - 2:55pm
Wow! Your levels skyrocketed! Hoping and praying for you this time around Chelle.
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Tue, 06-29-2010 - 3:19pm


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