Got some test results back for DH!

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Got some test results back for DH!
Sun, 06-10-2012 - 3:52pm

DH sperm count seems to be JUST FINE:smileyhappy: I am very happy and pleased with this:smileyhappy: YAY YAY!! anywho :smileyhappy: just thought I would update LOL


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Sun, 06-10-2012 - 6:09pm

Great news!  I have my fingers crossed for you.

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Sun, 06-10-2012 - 5:38pm

Congrats, Jessica, that IS good news!  My DH had a VR before Andrew was born, his SA was OK, but not great and BAM! we were preggo (with Andrew).  DH said he'd never, ever do a SA again--I was no help, I just kept giggling the whole time!