How do you put the spice back into TTC sex?

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How do you put the spice back into TTC sex?
Mon, 01-14-2013 - 4:57pm

It's hard to get into a romantic frame of mind while you are TTC, you can get so focused on the goal of sex that it becomes routine and not so romantic anymore.  Does the following from a Huffington Post article sound familiar?

Yep, that's right, my former spontaneous sex life, often mixed with colorful cocktails, high heels and a little Al Greene playing in the background every now and then, quickly segued into silent, high-stress ovulation tracking, temperature taking and pee stick-driven sex. We officially fell into calculated and chore-like living. My husband, God bless him, took charge of our fertility and became the self-appointed Ovulation Calendar tracker; he would put out a morning memo "Babe, it's game time tonight" and I would try to muster up a fake inspired reply: "OK, are you coming home early or working from home today?"

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The auther can really relate to what you are all going through.  She also included tips from other writers that I think contain some really good advice on dealing with TTC sex, I hope that it helps give you some ideas.   

Do you have trouble maintaining the spice in your sex life?