Hysteroscopy done-- eating toast now

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Hysteroscopy done-- eating toast now
Tue, 08-17-2010 - 4:04pm

So everything is over with. Yay. it was a rough morning.
After I checked in they sent me to the lab for b/w. The gal couldn't find my paperwork.
Then later after I was in the gown, the nurse had a hard time putting my IV in. The numbing shot hurt like heck and then it was very very uncomfortable. She pulled it out and the anesthiologist tried all over again on my OTHER hand. Apparently I have small veins as do my Mom and Grandma. Gee, thanks.
Next we waited and waited and waited. Poor DH was so hungry since he didn't want to eat in front of me this am but then it took way longer than we had thought.
We arrived at 9 and the Dr. finally showed upat 10 after 11. 30 minutes late. I was in recovery for 2 hours and we got home around 3 20. I am so tired.
And my IV entry wounds on both hands are sore.

DH has to take off tomorrow to be with me too since the drug effects haven't worn off yet.
My directions are to have pelvic rest until the bleeding (only light so far) stops and the cramping stops. (Can't feel much now thankfully due to pain pills)

is it a bit crazy of me to think about trying to BD soon in hopes of catching that egg?? Lol.

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Wed, 08-18-2010 - 1:54am

Teresa, I hope you recover really soon and you can get back to TTC ASAP!!

Feel better, hun.

God bless,


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Wed, 08-18-2010 - 12:48am

Teresa... you funny girl!!

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Tue, 08-17-2010 - 8:48pm


I'm so glad that is done! I was thinking about you all day and was happy to see your post. Glad to hear that DH will be with you tomorrow. Boo to tiny veins and waiting...and waiting. Well, woo hoo, it's over. So, enjoy that toast and relax. You got through the day. :-)


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Tue, 08-17-2010 - 7:24pm

Hi Teresa,

So glad to hear that the hysteroscopy went well!

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Tue, 08-17-2010 - 5:24pm
I'm glad it over with now and hope you feel better soon!!!!!
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Tue, 08-17-2010 - 4:33pm

Ha! Well, I'm glad things went well relatively speaking. I know it wasn't your favorite thing to do but it could always have been a lot worse!

I'll bet your good to DTD by late tomorrow or the next day. You know those dr's like to be extra cautious so I always take whatever they tell me and cut it in half LOL If they say, you can DTD in two weeks, I do it in one! lmaooo Well, I guess I may not be the one you want to mimic but I really do think they are being careful and you should be okay to BD in a couple days max!