I can't believe they did that....

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I can't believe they did that....
Tue, 07-13-2004 - 11:05am
Hi Ladies-

I know that this is probaly just my emotions running over,but no one understands(except all of you.I posted before that a pretty good friend of mine(10 years)and his gf are expecting and they are due 2 days after my due date was.They have only been together since May 15th,they weren't/didn't want to be preg. now but of course they are and they stopped by last night and the first thing he did(they wern't even in the house yet)was whip out their ultrasound pic and start showing me the legs and arms and everything.Don't get me wrong I am happy for them,I am,and maybe later I would want to see this,but I just had my mc on the 8th,not even 1 week ago,and she is due so close to when I was,all I wanted to do was start bawling,it doesn't take much right now,but somehow I managed to hold it in,and then they come in and show it to my poor DH,all I could think of was that is what our us pic would have looked like.....I just feel as if I am going to explode with the pain I am feeling right now,whenever it starts to feel even just a tid bit better something brings it back,sorry for rambling and ty for reading if you got this far.


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Tue, 07-13-2004 - 11:27am

Oh Peggy!,

I am so sorry for your loss.


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Tue, 07-13-2004 - 11:28am

I can understand what you are going through. My best friend is due a week before what my due date would have been and it has been very difficult being friends with her lately. She also was not trying and was not planning on kids for a while. I, like you, am excited for her and her husband, but it kills me when she complains that she is "not ready for this", and it kills me even more when she is not even really excited about being pregnant. I just do not understand her at all. I really wish people would think about what to say before they blurt it out. You would think considering our situations people would be more cautious about what they say.

Hang in there Peggy. Wishing you lots of luck and strength.


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Tue, 07-13-2004 - 4:23pm

Peggy, I am sorry your friend did that...I have found that unless someone has actually gone through a mc, they have NO idea how it feels, and can say/do some pretty hurtful things. I am sure your friend was not trying to hurt you...maybe you should talk to them and just let them know how you feel, or that those things are hard for you right now? Hang in there!


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Tue, 07-13-2004 - 9:46pm
Hi Peggy,

I'm so sorry that you've had to endure that - it must have been horrible. Maybe you should say something to your friend? It was really insensitive of them to do that. It's going to be difficult for a while yet, and one week is just so fresh - you'll still be very raw from your ordeal. Hang in there, and vent as much as you need here, we've all had similar experiences!