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Mini vent
Fri, 07-23-2004 - 2:40pm
My due date was Sept 16 and my friend is due on the 26th. Yesterday she told me she wants to deliver between the 15th and 17th. I asked her why and she said she just felt like she would deliver then and just liked that time. What's up with that!!!! I know I would have delivered late August or early September based on past history, but still, that's MY due date! I reminded her that the 16th was my edd and she just said 'Oh' and changed the subject. Am I being overly sensitive??

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Fri, 07-23-2004 - 2:56pm

I'm so sorry for your loss, and that your friend doesn't "get it." I truly think that people who haven't had a m/c don't understand how profound it truly is. To them it's just a word -- to us it's the loss of so much. They don't know the importance of dates -- and don't understand how blessed they are to be having healthy pregnancies. I'm sure she doesn't mean anything by it, she's just excited the way that we would be (will be!!!) if we were anticipating the same miracle . . .

My SIL likes to tell me about all of the women she knows that are pregnant or have just had babies. She describes baby shower gifts that she's bought and the symptoms that her pregnant friends/co-workers tell her that they're having. She's constantly telling me this all about women I don't even know! She doesn't "get it" and I have to keep myself from getting too angry -- it's just all too much to bear sometimes. If only they knew, huh?

Just know that all of us here understand and are here to listen. I have to think that all of these challenges just make us stronger women. Hugs and good luck to you.

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Fri, 07-23-2004 - 3:27pm
People can be so insensitive Susan. I would just have to murder my friend if she did that to me. I'm sorry for her insensitivity. I have to endure the fact that on my edd the 21st Sept, not only is it my DD's birthday, but a girl a couple of door's from where I live also shares the same due date. I'm praying she delivers early or late!

Dont give your friend the satisfaction of being so thoughtless. For me, I cannot avoid it really with DD's birthday. At least I will never forget the date and I will always have a double celebration on that date.

Luv & hugs.


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Fri, 07-23-2004 - 4:19pm

That sucks. Sorry, people are just so insensitive, all they think about is theirselves. I have a friend who's friend (I just know of her) was due the same day as me Dec 29 and she (the pg one) decided that the timing was not right for her and her married boyfriend, so she aborted it. The same day I lost mine at 13 weeks. I was so pissed. I did not ask for my baby girl to die and you can make that decision for yours whoa I was mad. So now he got a divorce and they are expecting again. ( now that the timing is right I guess that it is ok) Bitch - sorry got carried away.