Okay, Mister man, I SAID lets BD!!

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Okay, Mister man, I SAID lets BD!!
Tue, 05-25-2004 - 7:36pm

How on earth do you keep the romance alive?? I feel like I am making appointments with my DH now, and now we are obsessively doing it in order to concieve. No candles, soft music, sweet nothings in one anothers ears.....Now its hurry up! Don't miss our chance! Punkinpoo! I'm ovulating! Time to procreate! Don't worry about your shirt, I don't care to see, I'm on a mission! No time like the present! Good grief!! You're wasting time! Its already been 2 minutes! Get on with it!

So everyone... I call forth your creative minds for women desperately ttc everywhere! Put the passion back into baby making! Let us remember each other, rediscover each other.... (Couples... not you and me, er, I'm talking in the bedroom.....)


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