Post D&C visit to OBGYN

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Post D&C visit to OBGYN
Thu, 09-13-2012 - 2:44pm

I had my check up at the obgyn today after having the d&c done july 24th...The report came back saying there was leftover tissue.. which we knew there was already.. And because AF has been really weird so far- started spotting on monday, so 4 days of very light spotting which is brown( not normal for me) she has decided to do some fertility testing! (she did say that she doesnt consider me to have any fertility issues) so yay!!

Im glad we are finally moving forward!!! I had a blood and pee test done today, and I have to have another blood test done, to check my progesterone- next cycle, at 21 days into it, to see if I ovulated or not....She asked if we wanted to get DH tested, he was hesitant, but I said yes for him lol, so hes gotta do a sperm test next thursday, ( the hospital only accepts samples one day a week)

Now I just need AF to hurry the heck up!

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Fri, 09-14-2012 - 6:22am
That's great they are checking into things for you. I hope you get some answers but that nothing is too serious.
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Thu, 09-13-2012 - 8:24pm
That's good that u guys are getting to move forward with testing!
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Thu, 09-13-2012 - 5:54pm

I am very happy that everything went ok for you!  I hope all testing goes great! KUP!


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