RE appointment, we have a plan

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RE appointment, we have a plan
Wed, 07-14-2010 - 5:30pm

So, I showed the RE my HSG pics with my funky bicornuate uterus (BU) vs. septum (SU) and he asked why it wasn't investigated further until now. Good question!! According to him the risks for m/c are 40% with a BU, 70% with a SU. The good thing is that the septum can be surgically removed and the chance lowers to 30% (again, his numbers...I've see others in my research close to this). He almost seemed ticked that the other docs said to TTC.

He did an exam and 3D ultrasound. He thinks at this point that I have a septum but he can't be 100% certain until he's doing surgery. The plan is to put me back on BCP with next AF, do a sonohystogram to get a better look (maybe around this time next month), and have surgery after 2 months on BCP.

The RE said there is no fix for BU. DH is worried that I am BU. I feel like, well, we'll cross that bridge when we get there but for right now I need to know I did everything possible to ensure our highest chance for success. I'm really glad we decided to look into this and not jump back into TTC like my OB recommended.

Me(30), DH(30)...Our TTC journey:
~1993: Dx of bicornuate uterus (BU) on u/s
September 2003: begin wedded bliss! (on BCP)
Fall 2007: HSG results consistent with BU
Fall 2008: here we go, bye-bye BCP
November 2008: DH in hospital, ?CP/horrid AF
Winter 2008: back on BCP
Spring/Summer 2009: last chemo, radiation for DH
January 2010: bye-bye BCP, waiting
March 2010: green light to TTC
April 2010: BFP (4/1), beta ~900 (4/2)
May 2010: m/c (5/30)
June 2010: regrouping


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Wed, 07-14-2010 - 7:15pm
I'm sorry that it means putting TTC on hold, but I'm so glad that you're getting this looked into. I kinda hope it's a septum, so that it can be removed and your chances get better to hang onto a pregnancy. I know taking a break will be hard, but I hope your chances of having a healthy pg are about to go way up after this! FX for you!!!!

I'm pg with #4, with 5 1/2 losses along the way.

09/2003 -- chem pg.
10/2003 -- bfp with DS Noah (07/20/2004).
03/2005 -- chem pg.
04/2005 -- bfp with DD Catie (12/29/2005).
06/2008 -- chem pg.
07/2008 -- bfp with DS Drew (03/13/2009) and vanishing twin.
03/2010 -- bfp ending with m/c at 6 weeks.
05/2010 -- chem pg.
07/2010 -- bfp! Stick, Baby, Stick!


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Wed, 07-14-2010 - 9:08pm


I am sorry that you're going through this, but hopefully you're on the right track to get some answers and resolutions. I agree with your current doc - I'd be irritated that the prior docs told you to TTC without further diagnostics or treatment for your uterine anomalies.

I'll share my SIL's story in case it gives you a little hope: My SIL became pregnant last January on her honeymoon. She found out at one of her first prenatal ultrasound appointments that she had an incomplete bicornuate uterus (she was not aware of this previously). As it turned out, that baby implanted on a partial septum that went about halfway down her uterus. She lost the baby ~10 weeks and opted for a D&C with hysteroscopy so they could better evaluate her uterus. At the D&C, the doctor broke down as much of the septum as he could. He told her it was basically a crapshoot - if she conceived again and the baby implanted on her outside uterine wall, she should do okay (other than be at risk for preterm labor). But, if she conceived and the baby implanted on the little bit of septum that remained, she'd probably miscarry again. Well, it took her <1 year to conceive again, and she delivered a healthy baby boy last month (carried to 36 weeks gestation). And, she definitely plans to TTC again.

Good luck!