Thyroid issues

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Thyroid issues
Tue, 12-21-2010 - 4:22pm

I have to get my thyroid levels checked every 6 weeks after I change doses. I got them checked a few weeks ago and endo E-mailed me with the results. TSH = 0.01, Free T4 = 1.57 (The normal is 0.4 to 6 for TSH, and 0.7 to 2.0 for Free T4). It means the thyroid hormone levels are to high. He also said that he thinks I may need another dose of radioactive iodine (which would mean another 6 month wait to TTC). Now this is where things start to not make sense to me. Right after I got the radioactive iodine treatment done I had my levels checked and my thyroid hormone levels were to low. But, now that I'm taking meds it's to high. So what that says to me is that I need a lower dose of the meds (not that the first dose of RAI didn't work). Obviously I'm not a doctor, but, that seems like common sense to me.

I seriously hope he can figure the med situation out soon because this is just one more thing, a major one, that I'm stressing about. He did fax a lower dose prescription to the pharmacy for me, so hopefully that helps. FX, I really don't want another dose of RAI.

I guess the whole point of this is to say that I'm going to be sitting out a few cycles until my levels are stable and in the normal range. I'm trying to stay positive about it even though what I really want to say is "let's just go ahead anyway".

Anyone else have problems getting their levels just perfect for TTC?


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Tue, 12-21-2010 - 5:41pm
Ahh becky that sucks, I'm sorry. So now once you start the lower dose, you wait for another 6 wks to see if your levels went down? How long does he want to try lowering the dose before another RAI??
I really hope you dont have to do that again. I know how hard it was for you to wait the last time, and i'd hate for you to go through that again. I really hope the lower dose works and you guys can keep TTC. Let us know how its going, Fx'd for ya!
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Tue, 12-21-2010 - 6:04pm
Becky, that sucks. I wish they could get your meds figured out. It also sucks you have to sit a few cycles out. I would go bonkers!
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Tue, 12-21-2010 - 6:34pm
Sorry, I'm having problems the other direction, trying to get my tsh lower. Sorry I know it's frustrating.
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Tue, 12-21-2010 - 8:34pm
Hi Becky,

I know exactly how frustrating this is! It sounds to me like you're exactly right though. I think your endo should try lowering your dose and you'll likely notice an increase in tsh pretty quickly. When I was ttc after my m/c they over-corrected my thyroid and it got as low as 0.03. The new normals for tsh are actually 0.3-3.0 and they like it to be under 2.0 ideally during pregnancy. Being on the hyper side is better than being on the hypo side if you were to get pg from the research I did, but it would be better to bring it up a bit first for sure.

If it's any consolation, my body responds really quickly to a change in dose so yours may too! Obviously I'm no endo, but what you said makes perfect sense to me so hopefully they try to just lower your dose first and you get regulated really quickly and can get back to ttc.

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Wed, 12-22-2010 - 4:19pm

Hope they get you straightened out quickly so you don't have to sit out too long.