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I messed up!!!!!!!!! I was cleaning yesterday for our superbowl party.. Dh's SA script still layed on his messy desk so i handed it to him to put in his wallet so it dont get lost.. He put it back on desk he says and i must have accidentally thrown it away!!!! Appt is on monday.. I have no way to get way down to my Gyno office before then.. I really really hope the RE will allow us to just have Gyn fax it! I know im freakin out over something stupid but this is the start of finding out whats wrong!! I am so mad at myself today.. Just glad its my day off so i can freak out at home. I am payin gout of pocket why do i need a referral? How stupid! GR ok thanks for lettin me vent!

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I hate it when crap like that happens. I have dug through many a disgusting garbage can looking for things I threw away on accident. I'm sure your dr will be able to work something out. These things have a way of working themselves out and then you look back and chuckle at how all your worrying was for nothing :)
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Michelle when my DH went in for his SA his order from his Dr. wasn't signed so they couldn't accept it but they did call the office and get it oked and he was able to go ahead and do it..... I would just send hubby in to his appt. Monday and if it isn't too early call the Dr. asap and tell them they will need to fax an order over to your RE pronto, they should have no problem doing that!

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