What to tell my Dr about potential prior miscarriages

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What to tell my Dr about potential prior miscarriages
Mon, 09-10-2012 - 6:11pm

Following up today's MC, my doctor wants to set a future appt to discuss my fertility history. She asked today if I had ever miscarried before and I instinctively said no, however, here's some background:

In 2001 I had a Paraguard IUD (copper) put in. In 2005 I had some substantial bleeding and passing of what I would guess was tissue, at random one day and thought the IUD had shifted or slipped. I went to the Dr where they did an ultrasound and discovered it was in the right place. Unfortunately the Dr was then called called away for a Delivery but later that night called me and said we should have done a pregnancy test. I took a home test, but it came up negative and didn't really give the situation another thought.

In 2006 AF was several weeks late (by this time the IUD was gone). I took a HPT and got a lovely positive. Then like a maniac, I kept taking the HPT's day after day. Just about 3 days later, I started getting negative results. I could pee on two sticks in one stream and one would come up positive and one would come up negative. When I called my doctor (a different one then I saw the previous year due to relocating) and inquired, they simply explained I must have miscarried because since I had the positive at one point, I was pregnant at one point. However, I never went in for an exam, never passed any blood, tissue, etc.

Now it's 2012. Today I got confirmation of my MC and have lots of upcoming appts with the doctor. Do I tell them about these instances since I kind of feel that confirmation is weak? If I tell them about them, I know they'll do more agressive fertility testing, etc. Ofcourse once I mention my history of ovarian cysts, pre-cancerous cervical cells, subsequent LEEP, 7 rounds of IUI, Clomid, etc none of which resulted in a pregnancy (both of the above mentioned incidences were prior to me actively trying to get pregnant) they might do the testing anyhow.

Cetainly the cysts and surgeries I plan to mention, but what impact would these potential miscarriages have on my treatment and are they worth mentioning?

Thanks for your inputs ladies!

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Mon, 09-10-2012 - 8:45pm
I would mention everything..because its like a big puzzle the dr has to piece together. So every bit of info helps, even if you didn't have confirmation. Maybe the dr can determine what's going on, based on all of the little details..you know? Doesn't hurt anything, and in fact will prob. Help. Hope u get some answers!
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Tue, 09-11-2012 - 4:35pm

I would definitely let your doctor know.  Especially since it may help them figure out what is going on and come up with a game plan so it doesn't happen again.  Good luck!