another 2ww

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another 2ww
Sat, 11-09-2013 - 9:10pm

Well, this is the 2nd 2ww for this TTC. So far I am doing well and not overthinking every little thing like last month. I am determined not to "waste" an HPT. I convinced myself last month of symptoms and tested with a BFN and had AF two days later. So, I think the "wasting" is out of my system. LOL, I hope!

This morning DH rubbed my belly and said he hoped good things were happening in there. Yup, me too!!

I am not temping even, just BD and see what happens. I don't even know exactly what CD it is. Let me think....maybe 16 or 17?

FX ladies! May this cycle be the one for you!


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