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Sat, 05-22-2004 - 4:20am
Sorry I posted this message in the O section. I'm new here. Well I had a 24 day cycle. Is that good or bad??? I was in such denial I wanted to think it was implantation or something. This is my second af since my m/c.

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Sat, 05-22-2004 - 6:55pm
Oh hun, sorry you have to be here with me too!!!! I was really hoping that my bitchiness would scare everyone's af away!!!!

I just wanted you to know that I too have had short cycles afler af in Feb. It is not good, but it isn't bad either. It might be that your body is still just adjusting and those hormones will come back into synchronization soon.

Do you chart? Do you use opk's? Also, was this your first m/c?

I would suggest if you don't chart, you might want to start. It will give you a good idea if you 'o' or not and if you continually have short luteal phases. Once you have a few months of charting and getting to know your cycle under your belt, then if the short cylces continue, then you can go to the dr and you can get progesterone. But the first step is getting to know your cylces very well. Most likely though, the farther you get from your m/c, the more your cylcles will work themselves out.

You can also try drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, a nurse once told me that it helps to get the uterus back into shape and hormones regulated. It does seem to help.

Good luck and I hope this helps!

If you have any more questions or need any help, you have got a board of WONDERFUL, knowledgable women to ask!!!!

Welcome here and I hope that your stay is extremely short!!!!!

Take care!

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Mon, 05-24-2004 - 2:47pm
Hi April,

AF found me too! This is my second one after m/c also. Looks like we are in the same, sad and lonely ship... Let's try to stay positive and think that JUNE is our month.

Hang in there.