20 week US today! (and need some help!)

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20 week US today! (and need some help!)
Wed, 04-07-2010 - 10:28am

Hello everyone.

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Wed, 04-07-2010 - 10:54am

Hi Joanna,

Wow, time for your 20 week u/s.


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Thu, 04-08-2010 - 9:03am
I understand your frustration with DS possibly weaning.


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Sat, 04-10-2010 - 2:00am

Hi Joanna and so nice to hear from you :) How was your ultrasound and what did you find out??

As for your nursing situation, I am sorry you are in so much pain and that nursing is not going well. My experience with nursing while pregnant was similar but I was ready to wean and had been gently moving DS in that direction. I got pregnant when he was 22 months old and he nursed until a few months past his 2nd birthday. I really, really could not cope with how it felt and was terrified that I would hate nursing #2 when he came along - could not imagine it feeling normal ever again. My milk supply definitely dried up. For us it went quite smoothly - he drank whole milk by then and could be pacified just by me letting him "nurse" on each side for small amount of time. I would count to ten on each side for instance and then just have him lay his little head on my "babus" for sleep time. As long as I let him even just put his mouth there for a few seconds, he was mostly content. We spent a lot of time talking about why momma's milk was going away, and he would often point out "there's no milk in there" etc. Some days I would just grit my teeth and hold my breath while he nursed for those incredibly irritating moments!!!
I would strongly suggest you go to the Extended Breastfeeding Board for some great support and advice...they helped me a lot when I was dealing with this issue. Amanda had some great suggestions too :)

Good luck and don't feel guilty - you have given your little one an amazing gift for nursing so long- and another fab gift in the form of another sibling. You will all adjust in time....
Big hugs, Jasmine