Birth announcement and my amazing unexpected unassited home waterbirth - Sylas born 05.04.2011 :)

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Birth announcement and my amazing unexpected unassited home waterbirth - Sylas born 05.04.2011 :)
Thu, 06-30-2011 - 1:30pm

Hi, I have not been on here for a very long time. I still recognise some names though :)

My gorgeous boy was born on 05.04.2011 and here's my birth story.

I had been preparing myself for the upcoming birth thoroughly, during the whole of my pregnancy I practiced Natal Hypnotherapy by Maggie Howell and read multiple natural birth books, like Ina May Gaskin’s ‘Guide to Childbirth’ or ‘Childbirth Without Fear’ by Grantly Dick-Read. I have watched many natural birth documentaries and videos and all episodes of ‘One Born Each Minute’ – to remind myself what I DO NOT want my birth to be like. After having a traumatic first induced birth, I vowed to stay at home this time, to avoid any unnecessary interventions. I feel very strongly about the importance and beauty of natural birth and feel that women should be given their primal powers back in this important time. During pregnancy we tried to stay as low-tech as possible: declined dating ultrasound, most blood tests and all Doppler testing. We had only the 20 weeks ultrasound, which revealed that we were expecting a baby boy – which we were very pleased about as our first child was a girl. Our consultant recommended conducting multiple growth scans, as per previous small baby, which I politely declined. Consultant then confirmed that my pregnancy was indeed very low risk and was happy for me to go ahead with my homebirth plans. Pregnancy continued relatively uneventful, though after bad hyperemesis I developed pregnancy SPD which left me in pain for most of the time.

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Lovely, Freyasmum. I hope freya is adjusting well. Silas was the name we planned to use for M aren, had she been a boy. Thanks for sharing your story. I hope your family is well.


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I'm so happy you got the birth for Silas that you wanted :) Thanks so much for posting it!

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What an awesome birth! So happy for you! I planned on birthing at home the first three births but something always interfered. Natural birth is an awesome thing and nice when you can keep it private too.
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What a lovely story :) Thank you for sharing and congrats on the birth of your little boy - baby boys are awesome!
Hugs, Jasmine
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You go girl!

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CONGRATULATIONS on your precious new boy!!!

You really did have a dream birth!!! None of mine have ever been close to that type of experience. So happy for you!!

Hope you are both doing well, and you are enjoying your beautiful new family!!
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your story is so amazing and just how i hope my next birth to be, thank you so much for sharing it and im taking note of your hypnotherapy advice. xx
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aww Olga I love reading your birth story :) I am hoping for something similar with #3

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Fantastic birth story! Thank you for sharing it. I hope I get to use some of your techniques myself. xxx