Heather's story TTC #1 and #2

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Heather's story TTC #1 and #2
Thu, 02-23-2012 - 12:12pm

Let me just preface this by saying I did the best I could and yet I may have left some things out. It's just that I am SO TIRED and my brain rarely works properly. :) I added in as much as I can! Also, any improper wod usage or spellings are due to my brain and hands working at different paces...LOL

My Story:

First, I found iVillage! I frequented many boards. Then we started TTC in May 2007 for my DD. No BFPs at all until March 21, 2008. That BFP was my DD, born November 14, 2008, 9 days after my 29th birthday. She was awesome. She breastfed for 3 years!!!! Yes, I said 3 years! 36 months

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Thu, 02-23-2012 - 3:10pm
Thanks for sharing Heather - it is so nice to hear from you :) I do hope things get easier soon for you - you have time to think about #3 so I hope you enjoy your little ones without the stress of TTC for now. Keep in touch and love to you,