Myth Busters!

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Myth Busters!
Sun, 06-07-2009 - 9:58pm

It worked! I've not weaned our newly turned 3 year old, I took Clomid off and on over the last six months, and we were finally referred to the RE.

The RE did the Clomid challenge test and did u/s to see how many follicles we produced.

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Sun, 06-07-2009 - 10:59pm

Congrats! I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy!


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Tue, 06-09-2009 - 2:21pm
Congratulations KelliSue!

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Wed, 06-10-2009 - 2:24am

Thanks so much for posting your very encouraging and fabulous story !!!!

Good luck and H&H 9 months!