Sad pregnancy update

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Sad pregnancy update
Fri, 07-31-2009 - 1:09pm

Hi All,

Looks like I will be back TTC while BFing.


Mom to Talia (3)

expecting #2 on 1/11/11

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Fri, 07-31-2009 - 1:19pm
I am so sorry to hear about that... :(

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Fri, 07-31-2009 - 2:38pm

Hi Amanda, I am so sorry to hear this news. I know how it was for me emotionally and physically and having my DS still nursing gave me so much comfort. I hope the best for you as you are healing. My thoughts are with you. Laurie

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Sat, 08-01-2009 - 1:29am

NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!! Amanda - I am so very very sorry to read your news tonight. Really my heart is broken for you. I am glad you are taking comfort with your nursling and that she is taking care of your heart right now.

There are no other words I can find right now, so take care and come back when you are ready and an extra big hug for you tonight.


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Sun, 08-02-2009 - 9:31pm
I a SO sorry to hear that sweetie :( Praying for peace for you and your family.
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Mon, 08-03-2009 - 10:43am

I'm so sad to hear it Amanda. My twins were monoamniotic as well which I'm sure they probably told you is very rare. I know they often have health issues and birth defects. Having Corbin still nursing at the time was helpful.


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Tue, 08-04-2009 - 3:18pm
(((HUGS))) Amanda,

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Wed, 09-30-2009 - 10:03am

i'm so sorry Amanda. ((HUGHS))