update and happenings....

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update and happenings....
Fri, 09-07-2012 - 4:32pm

a few weeks after ds2 was born, i wrote out the whole birth story only to have it deleted by an ivillage phantom and i haven't found the time to sit back down to write it out again, so i'm going to give an edited version while the boys are sleeping..

5:30 am 6/26 (1 day before edd), water breaks... i wake dh and we calmly get everything together, call the dr and then wake up ds1 to be dropped off at my in laws.    we get to the hospital and have to the admission process where i'm clearly leaking blood-tinged amniotic fluid ALL OVER, but they were full in L&D, so we hung out in that room for a couple of hours.  by the time i made it to l&d, i was about 3  cm and 75% effaced, but contractions were dying down and i knew this was going to be a repeat of ds1's labor.   as soon as the dr came in, i asked for an epidural and the highest dose of pitocin--- let's get the show on the road!     that was all in and settled around 10 a.m.   by noon-ish, i asked to be checked again and she said i was about 5 cm...  i was feeling a little defeated thinking i should have been further along--- i could still feel the contractions, and they were becoming less regular, so i asked for an increase in pitocin and by 3pm, i told the nurse that i felt pressure and really wanted to be checked again...  doc walked in and said i can see progress without even checking, so she checked me and said 10 cm, let's push :smileyhappy:   dh couldn't believe it because it was such a different experience from ds1...    she told me to do a practice push and i got an A+, so she said let her prep and we'd have this baby!!!   by 3:30, she gave me the ok to push--- next contraction and a good push and his head was out... seemed like an eternity waiting for that next contraction, but the next one came and two deep pushes gave me my beautiful miracle baby at 3:39 pm...  he was 8lbs 3oz and 21" long... he latched immediately and proved to be a champion nurser...

i had a bleed that they couldn't control and couldn't seem to locate the cause, so i stayed in l&d until after 9 pm waiting for the bleeding to calm enough to move to a baby room...   we let ds1 be the first to meet him and he was instantly in love~ that home video is one for the books!!!    

everyone tells you to nurse every 1-2 hours for 15 mins on each side, but i found with ds1 that if i just let him stay latched as long as he wanted, i'd get a nice supply, so i did that with ds2 and my milk was in before 48 hours... no one believed me, so one nurse actually sat with me while he was gulping away and was impressed at the supply and how well he was nursing :smileyhappy:    i do make boobie babies!! :smileyhappy:

i felt amazing after having him and couldn't wait to get home and be a complete family!!  once we made it home, little man proved to also be a champion sleeper.   out of the womb, he was doing a 5 hr stretch at night, with a regular feed schedule of 1-2 hours during the day.  he would nurse for a total of 45 mins and then take a great nap.   he literally slept better as a newborn than ds1 did until he was 18 mos!!!!   which i was grateful for b/c it gave me the energy to keep up with ds1 and the oppurtinity to spend 1:1 time with him when the baby slept....


fast forward 10 wk and 3 days, my little baby is over 13 lbs and 24+ inches...  he sleeps at least 6 hours at night and at least once a week goes an 8-10 hour stretch, plus his 3-4 hour "big" nap during the day...  he latches on strong for a grand total of 20 mins and wipes me out of milk, then lets go---- definitely not a comfort nurser like his big brother...     ds1 will be 4 next week and while i lamented over the age difference with all the losses, it really seems to be perfect and working out!!    my big boy is the most doting big brother and baby giggles everytime his brother is around...


part of me was seriously done with the whole baby thing since we had such a rough go of it to get to #2, but part of me was secretly hoping maybe we'd have another, alas, dh was snipped yesterday so i think it's fair to say we're done :smileywink:


on an aside, it seems that my son's amazing sleep habits and efficient nursing sessions may have coaxed AF back already.  just shy of 2 weeks ago, i had an abundance of ewcm... didn't think much of it until it lasted for about 4 days and was really plentiful :smileyhappy:   and now for the past three days, i've had brown tinged mucus when i wipe (creamy and egg whitey) along with killer cramps and backache.....    i didn't think it was possible, but i think i may be safe in saying that my periods will be back sooner than i thought  (not totally unbelievable because my sleepless comfort nurser gave me AF back at 4.5 mos PP), which is only ironic because the whole vasectamy timing :smileywink: 

i have packed up the newborn-3 mos clothes to pass along to the next pregnant lady, as i settle into this wonderful complete family that we have longed for and now have... and can happily move forward and put TTC behind me-- thankfully :smileyhappy:


i continue to be beyond words grateful for the support from the ladies here now, and the many that have moved on through the past few years, for everything.  i often felt lost and overwhelmed and alone, and the rally of guidance and positive thoughts truly made the journey more bearable! 

THANK YOU and best wishes to those TTC &BF and congrats again to those that have their babies in their arms....


karen lynn

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Tue, 10-09-2012 - 8:37pm

it was so tempting to find out gender! we did not find out with the others and with having 2 boys it would be so nice to know now but DH kept strong and said that he really enjoys telling me when the little one arrives :smileyhappy: us tech said she had ways of looking at baby without revealing gender, not like I have been able to tell before but it was sweet of her to want to keep our wish for a surprise...everyone we know is having boys! so many due early next year its kinda crazy! we shall see! I would be oh so happy with either of course :smileyhappy: DS1 is asking all kinds of questions about when he was in my belly and about this baby too. DS2 is always pulling up his shirt to show me his baby, they are both adorable!

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Thu, 11-01-2012 - 10:08am
Karen Lynn! So happy for you. I kept meaning to get on here and check up on you. Now look how long it has been! Congrats on your new little man and best of luck in the future!


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