22 months, no cycle

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22 months, no cycle
Mon, 05-16-2011 - 7:08pm

Hello all,

I am new to the forum and full of questions...

I have a 22 month old and have been nursing pretty much on demand since birth.
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Tue, 05-17-2011 - 1:59am
Hi Jessica and welcome :) I am sorry your doctor gave you "that look" - I have seen it before too and it is annoying and rude. My doctor gave me the talk when we were TTC #3 and I found her so insulting......
I think that you are doing everything you can at this point, short of weaning, to encourage your AF back. The vitex might take a few months to work so give that some time, and keep up with the supplements. Everyone's body reacts differently to the amount of prolactin in their system - only time will tell, but there are some women that have to wean in order to start cycling again. My cycles came back at about 17 months PP after #1 was born and I got pregnant when he was about 22 months old. My advice is that you give it a few more months and see if your son's nursing levels out on its own without pressuring him too much to do so. Night weaning is a huge one and if you keep trying to limit your other sessions (distracting him during the day etc.), I think you will find that he will start cutting back on his own and make it a less upsetting process for you all. From my personal experience, I would not want to make it a stressful and upsetting time for the son you do have, in hopes of conceiving the next one that may or may not take some time to conceive. After #2 was born, I got AF much earlier and we still did not get pregnant until he was 3 years old - we had some fertility issues at the time but my point was that weaning or Af returning might not lead to a BFP right away anyways and you don't want to feel like you missed out on that time with your first son. It is not something you want to look back on with regret and it sounds like it is upsetting you a lot. Maybe give it a few more months - I found when my sons turned 2, a lot of our nursing patterns changed quite drastically - I would imagine you will see AF back in the next few months. Have you considered temping and charting to watch for O (and maybe try using OPK's too to catch that first egg?)....
On the flip side, I know very well from experience that it is hard to be patient and if you are feeling the pressure to conceive again sooner then later, and think weaning might be the answer, you shouldn't feel bad about that.....making it to 2 years old is an amazing accomplishment and you must feel proud :)
As for progesterone, I don't have any good info on that as never used it except for our IVF cycle which is kind of different. I am sure some other mamas here will have some info to help you on that topic.
Hang in there and stick around with us for awhile! I hope my answer made sense.....and wasn't too preachy or anything. I am nursing my 5 week old and trying to make sense in my overtired fog!
Good luck with whatever you decide,