AF - Part II

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AF - Part II
Mon, 08-20-2012 - 3:48am

Okay ladies - well that spotting last month was most definitely an anovulatory cycle - just a bit of brown/pink spotting for one or two wipes  and then nothing. Fast forward to 3 days ago - spotting turned into a full blown AF. Baby girl is 16 months old and still nursing very regularly - she is an early morning booby girl, usually nurses to nap time sleep if we are at home, and always nurses to sleep at night. She often wakes up for a midnight snack when I come to bed.....I have not been limiting her at all and it is very liberating. She is definitely going for long stretches in the day with no milk but night time varies (especially right now as she is teething molars and using mama as her pacifier!)....I am  not taking any supplements except for a multi/prenatal and occasionally a calcium/magnesium - sometimes a Bcomplex....nothing regularly though.....

It is very interesting to me to see what is happening with my cycles as my body wants to do naturally without any nudging from me......will try and keep and eye to see what happens with O this month - or how long it takes to see AF again.....Interestingly enough this is the same time I got AF back after DS#1 was born - I thought the vitex helped us then but maybe my body was ready all on its own. Hmmmmm :smileyhappy: