Annovulatory after 26 months!!!

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Annovulatory after 26 months!!!
Sat, 07-12-2003 - 1:38pm
I'm back here again. Jen (30) w/ Tristan (26 months), TTC#2 since Feb

I started charting and its clear I'm still not Oing. I have fertile CM but no clear temp shift. Is there anything I can do to make the O fairy come short of weaning? Tristan still nurses probably 6x day, mostly during the night. I dont really want to wean him, as he still has very high emotional needs and is extremely resistent to change.

I got PPAF at 13 months and have had an AF every month. My cycles have ranged between 25 and 40 days. Lately they are getting closer to a normal range of 28-30 days.

Any tips?

Here is my chart so far


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Sat, 07-12-2003 - 11:12pm
Don't give up yet. It is possible that you are just annov. *this* cycle. That happened to Mare one of the cycles shortly before she got pg. She had been charting and had O'd every time, but had one annov. cycle in there. Now, I'd love to look at your chart, but the link you posted doesn't work. Have you created a home page for your chart? That is the only way those outside of FF circles can access it. If you haven't, all you have to do is click on home page on the left side of your chart and it guides you through creating a home page. Then just copy and paste the URL onto a post here.

GL, and hang in there. Its not hopeless.


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Sun, 07-13-2003 - 9:58am
Hello! It totally stinks to be annov!!!! But, it probably won't happen very often. And since you started to chart, you'll at least know whats going on. I actually think that right before the cycle we were successful, I was annov. So (ever the optimist) maybe your body is just getting ready, and if you skip this cycle, then the next O will be the "lucky" one! It's hard to think of that now though. Its so very frustrating when your body doesn't cooperate and decides to throw you for a loop. Oh, and before the annov cycle I had, I was Oing very late in the cycle, like cd 26+. I had read its better to O earlier in the month than later(not sure why), but after the annov cycle, I O'd on cd 20 I think. So maybe you'll O earlier this next month. It surprised me, so keep a close eye for that O fairy! My cycles usually were 32-40 days long too, just from a late O. Good luck, I hope the O fairy is very generous this month!! lol

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Sun, 07-13-2003 - 2:31pm
Thanks for the encouragement!

I am feeling much better today. My temps are still up and now FF says I O'd on CD 22! It's weird b/c a few days back it said I O'd on CD17, then it changed its mind. My temps are sort of stair stepping. I'm thinking maybe I am am Oing late in the cycle and have ashort luteal phase. I guess I'll see.

I also have made the decision to night wean. I havent before b/c Tristan has reflux. Well we just saw the pedi GI and he said the nightwaking probably isnt caused by the reflux anymore, and we are scaling back his meds. I tried last night, and he fussed a little, but did go back to sleep w/o nursing except one time. Hopefully once I night wean things will get clearer chart-wise!

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