BF'ing delaying AF, even after you've had it for months?

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BF'ing delaying AF, even after you've had it for months?
Tue, 04-12-2011 - 10:40am

Hi mamas!

I hope you can help me! I am BF'ing my son (will be 2 in June), and we are NTNP #3. I got AF back about 8 months ago, and have been having normal cycles since then. DS has been nightweaned about the same about of time (probably why AF returned), but we were out of town last week, and I nursed him around midnight and 3am to get back to sleep.

Well, I am due for AF tomorrow, but usually have pre AF spotting that should have started before now. I'm reaaaaallly hoping that it's because I'm pg (LOL), but then I remembered that he had that nighttime session.

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Test Momma!

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Hi there :) I doubt that just one or two sessions would make a difference at this point if you have been regular for 8 months now. Maybe if you started doing it regularly, but not likely IMO for a night or 2. I agree with PP - if you don't see her tomorrow, why not buy a test and then come back a report to all the POAS'acholics we have with us!
I wish you BFP vibes in the a.m.
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Thank you both, so much!!!!

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No, it shouldn't impact it. Test!


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